How Uber Eats  Is Quietly Becoming One of the World’s Largest Food-Delivery Services                                         

How Uber Eats  Is Quietly Becoming One of the World’s Largest Food-Delivery Services

The history of food-ordering apps is filled with successful competitors who never shied away from going the extra mile to make customers happy. And as Uber Eats becomes one of the strongest players in the industry, despite its origin as a ride-sharing app.  Now, Uber Eats is about to deliver $10 billion worth of food around the world this year, becoming one of the globe’s largest food-delivery services and leaving the U.S. Uber Eats as its most successful arm. Unfortunately, it could take a few years, if not more, for Uber Eats to stop losing money. Food delivery apps operate under a basic premise. You  can even use an app or website to browse a restaurant menu and choose the items you like. After you place your order, it’s relayed to the restaurant. The restaurant makes your order while a driver is sent to pick up your food. The effectiveness of this approach varies widely. Uber Eats seems to be the one service that has intentionally paid attention to the accessibility of their mobile apps. On the iPhone, the app makes considerable use of custom actions in the Voice Over rotor. This allows you to swipe right and left to move between restaurant categories and then swipe up and down to move through items in each category.  Uber Eats is entering an aggressive global-expansion period with the help of virtual restaurants and kitchen space for upstart delivery-only restaurants around the world.

Expansion of the Application

Application  have expanded to towns and cities large and small, and are eager for your business. This has led to an opportunity to try new restaurants and cuisines and basically get just about anything you desire brought to your door. While the accessibility of most of these services could be spiced up, these apps can still go a long way  in offering an easy answer to the question of “What’s for dinner?”

Signing Up

The sign-up process for each of the sites is quite simple and involves providing your phone number or email address along with some basic information, such as your delivery address and any special instructions for finding your place. Each of these apps will offer some sort of bonus for signing up and the payments are made easy, such as free delivery or a few bucks off your first order. If you have a friend who has ordered from service before, ask them to send you an invitation, and then both you and your friend can save a few dollars on your next meal. As you will see below, it’s advantageous to use multiple services if you are going to regularly order delivery, as pricing and promotions will vary from week to week.

 Easy Process

All of these apps also feature websites where you can place an order instead. Here,  Uber eats is the easiest to follow, and you can browse through restaurants  and menu items using headings on your screen reader of choice. The website  was relatively simple to use for browsing menus and ordering. Another nice and important accessibility implication of these services is how they increase the availability of accessible restaurant menus.


As seen here, UberEATS Clone Script is constantly shifting its focus to its teams all over the globe. Uber Eats is providing the one of the best  services in and around the globe.

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