Benefits of developing an On-Demand App for the Android OS

In this 21st century, it is no doubt that the very successful phenomenon called mobile applications are the sole reason for the huge demand for Smartphones.

When speaking of mobile app development, the big guns are obviously Google and Apple. Everyone nowadays is fascinated only with the overwhelmed Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It is predicted that by next year there will be close to 5 million apps that comprise both iOS and Android apps.

Mobile Apps are there for instant messaging, social media, games and of course on-demand services. Now, what exactly are On-Demand Apps? They are nothing but dedicated service providers who operate through the digital realm to satiate all your daily needs in the best possible way. The users just have to get their things done with a few clicks inside the app. This particular service-oriented business has picked up major momentum because of mobile apps.

Now we will discuss why Android is the perfect platform for everyone to build a powerful On-Demand Service Mobile Application.
Let’s get into detail-

(i) Android has the biggest market share:

In the war between Android and iOS, it is the former that has more mobile apps than the latter. Another decision maker here is that it is again Android that has the most widespread reach. It includes the most populous nations in Asia and other continents like Europe and South America. iOS, on the other hand, has a stronghold in North America and Australia.

So if you want a super-sized audience base, you know now whom to choose. Don’t worry as there are loyal Android fans in the iOS dominated regions as well!

(ii) Google is less stringent regarding App Policies:

Google is not that strict on its app developer base regarding the App Guidelines. The review time is very quick as opposed to the Apple App Store. For those aspiring to develop an On-Demand Service App, Google collects a lifetime registration fee of just $25. If you take Apple, the fee here is way over $99.

(iii) Lots of Features can be included:

Speaking of an On-Demand Service App, some mandatory features include GPS and Push Notifications. With these features, the app can instantly touch base with the users that effectively in terms of offering the best service. Here again, it is Android which wins this battle regarding features.

(iv) Customization with a touch of Innovation has never been this easy:

For an On-Demand App to serve the user that well, it has to be in sync with the ever-changing trends. This mandates that the app has to be innovative in terms of regular updates if it is very much focused on user retention.

Speaking of Android, app customization is relatively that simple and effective when compared with iOS.

(v) The power of Google Assistant:

Android’s own Google Assistant is more effective than Siri where every user can just input their request, and they get what they exactly want.

(vi) Multiple Language Compatibility:

For On-Demand App. It is very much important to offer support in various languages.
When we speak of Language Support, Android supports around 100 languages and iOS supports only 34.

(vii) The abundance of both Storage and Memory space:

There is typically a need for huge storage space in the case of On-Demand Apps so that they can store all the gigantic volumes of user data along with all the profits generated.

Whenever upload your On-Demand App on to the Google Play Store you get enhanced cross-platform facilities and a whopping 15 GB storage space that is free!! Should we proceed further and speak about Google Cloud as well?

Last but not least, every Android product also provides greater memory space and your concerns about a huge sized On-Demand App are put to rest.

Ending Lines:

To leverage and capitalize on the hugely popular phenomenon called On-Demand Service App, Google is ultimately the best choice for you.