Taxi Application - KEY FEATURES


User can login/Sing up by using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Gmail accounts.


Find the nearest restaurants based on the location, category and dish wise as well.


Real time tracking made simple using the gps functionality where the users can track the real time driver’s location.


Favourite Cuisines and restaurants can be added to there favourite so that they can quick order therefavourite food in no time.


App has the option for admin to check and view the rating, the users can rate the restaurants based on service and share thoughts as review.


Hassle free commission management using admin dashboard where commissions can be effectively management for each restaurant.

Taxi App Astonishing Features List


    The traditional approach of signing in to the app using the username, password or PINs are long gone. Sign in is made instantly by manipulating the social media accounts.


    Leaving the aspect of driver reviews, featured is a separate option named Driver Feedback where the rider can generate reviews in the form of texts which are accumulated for view by the admin.


    The app is associated with social sharing features where the customers can broadcast their experience on any of the social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and such.


    The user base can make use of the app to book rides in advance, the logic ensures that it will be activated at the preferred time as planned.


    We have developed the product by integrating it with Google Maps API and the functional logic related to the tracking aspect remains unparalleled. Thanks to GPS the tracking is made effectively feasible.


    The driver base can navigate through the entire database where the transactions, payment details, and the booking history are archived in a neat and organized structure providing greater insight


    Typically in some nations, some of the online payment gateways are curbed. To tackle this scenario, the architecture related to digital payment in our product is designed so that any payment gateways can be compatible with it.


    With the help of admin dashboard, the review and feedback of drivers are availed in an easy fashion. The driver base can also get comprehension related to the all inclusive rating from their associated app.

The Uber Economy

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Technology & Server Requirements

Node Js



Angular JS (Admin Panel)

Native apps



SSH Access


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About UBMoto (Uber Moto)

UBMoto is an on-demand transportation app like Uber Moto allows users to book a Motorcycle by simply tapping the button on their Uber Moto Apps, and get a Motorcycle arrives at the defined location, literally on demand. Uber Moto script are proving to be a great way of accomplishing dreams of many individuals startups and businesses to build a Motorcycle transportation apps booking solution and launch their business in quick interval like Uber moto. We offer a multitude of motor cycle apps such as Uber Moto script, we provide Uber Moto script for both iOS and Android platforms. Our unique White-labeled Development Solutions allow you to create your app with your brand name, logo, language, currency and much more.

Social Login

Users can login Facebook, Google+ and others without making a different mail id or telephone number.

Online Service Request

The Bike Driver can get online service request with accept or reject service request option.

Real time Tracking

Our GPS empowers your customers to track the driver in real time and about their status like, on the way, arrived, etc. They can share the ride with their buddies.

Review and Rating

Client can give the review and rating about their ride this can be viewed by the admin and take the necessary steps for better service.


Drivers can now effectively find their clients and find the quickest way to contact them on-time.

Profile Management

Drivers can make their profile with subtleties like name, address, contact number, photographs etc

Push Notification

Push Notifications best way to convey major activities while ride is in process like driver status, user booking status and in case of any special events or promotions.

Earning Details

They can manage their earning details with history complete history based on weekly, monthly and yearly.

How does the on demand UBMoto work?

In order to use this UBMoto app to book a ride on a bike, the user will be required to first download this app and register into it. The registration process is so simple People can log in using their pre- existing social media ID's like Facebook or Twitter. They will also have the option of choosing to create a new account by putting in all their necessary information like name, email id, phone number etc. After the registration process the drivers can accept rides and the riders can book rides. Now using uber moto script, when the rider wants to book a ride, they will simply put in their pick up and drop locations and the driver can accept or decline the request. If he accepts the request, they will get the map route to the pickup point. The driver reaches the pickup point and picks up the Rider. In case the Driver rejects the request, the request is automatically sent to the next driver using uber moto apps. When the driver drops the rider at the desired location, the rider and the driver can rate each other. The payment is made automatically through their credit cards or their in app wallet. In case the rider chooses to make the payment through cash, he or she is free to do that as well.

Why more startups go with UBMoto (Uber Moto) Apps?

The idea of on interest Motorcycle booking has made life helpful and has ended up being a convenient plan of action. It has already created positive impact in the hearts of new generation of consumers, especially the business people and office-goers, with its ease of service. It saves lot of time of a common people in hiring a Motorcycle with just one click and get it at their doorstep instead of wasting time to ask for in individual on roads. These points of interest have driven a large number of new businesses to hire service providing mobile app similar to Uber Moto that is also known as UBMoto. At the point when future economy is estimated towards Uber Moto apps economy, the opportunity has already come and gone that you should begin with the taxi booking business. Despite the fact that many Uber moto new businesses have just dove in the Motorcycle business making solid challenge for other people, there are numerous financial specialists hanging tight to back some great new businesses by putting millions in the business separating them from others. We should interface with us to investigate unlimited chances to develop Uber Moto for your next Motorcycle booking business.


Uber Moto are dynamic, technically advanced and simply the best on demand taxi booking software available in the market that has been designed using the latest state of the art technology, making it perfect for entrepreneurs who want to start their very own cab business.