What is the Eat24 Clone App?

Ever since the spurt of awareness of the COVID-19 pandemic, people preferred staying at home, while still enjoying the world cuisines. This gradually impacted the food delivery segment, making it the topmost on-demand delivery service. Many entrepreneurs have started leveraging this opportunity and initiated spadework for establishing their business’s online presence.

Take this as your room to maneuver to begin developing your own food delivery app with us. Among all the clone applications, the Eat24 clone app is widely being adopted because of its robust, seamless, and uninterrupted services. Irrespective of your business size, you can get the Eat24 clone, customize it to suit your specific needs, and launch it in a shorter time than you can anticipate. Our experts always craft clone apps with utmost precision and advanced technology, leading to a financially sustainable product.

Why Go For Eat24 Clone Script?

  • Unlimited restaurant and delivery agent affiliations
  • Multilingual options
  • Dynamic payment methods
  • Real-time features with advanced technologies

Prime Features of Our Eat24 Clone

User login

As the Eat24 clone is integrated with social media, the user can swiftly log in to the app without undergoing any tiresome login process.

Restaurants listing

The users can spot any restaurants apart from just the nearby restaurants. They could get to know about those restaurants that offer a specific dish at a specific time, all conveniently.

Advanced search

Users can search restaurants, desired menus, cities with the search bar that instantly shows the relevant results.

Order tracking

With the GPS navigation incorporated in our Eat24 clone app development, users can get to know about the live status of the order and can get in touch with the delivery person for any purpose.


Since the app is integrated with multiple wallets and gateways, the users can choose any payment option at their convenience.


Users can check the past reviews of a restaurant and book their orders for a better food ordering experience. They can also offer their reviews for the completed orders.


Integrated to especially make the execution easier, the app offers a dashboard that can serve as a great analytical tool for the restaurants to manage orders, and analyze all the order-related statistics like total sales, delivery time, etc.,

Order history

Restaurant owners can track their order and they could also access information like dishes that are reordered or canceled orders.

Add dishes

Restaurateurs can add and manage their dishes listing. Based on their past orders, they can manage the items lists to generate more orders and profits.

Set popularity

Restaurants can choose to promote the items like a special addition to their menu to increase sales.

Capacity management

If the demand persists in heavy rush times, the restaurants can choose to decline the order from the user when they know the order cannot be fulfilled.


The restaurant owners can set a dish as unavailable due to peak season or some other limitations. This way they won’t have to alter the entire menu.

Delivery Executive App

12 Months Free Updates
Manage profile

The delivery agent can update any basic details about themselves like name, contact information, profile photo, and even hobbies to keep it interesting.

36 Months Free Support

Delivery drivers can indicate availability status by toggling into online or offline mode as per their schedule.

Free Source Code
Location mapping

The geographical location feature allows the delivery agents to navigate the users’ destination and reach the location within a short time.

Free Brand Removal
Order details

The app shows every detail of the order such as its time and date, pickup, and delivery address under a single page.

Free Installation
In-app call/chat

The Eat24 clone app allows the delivery agent to contact the user for any clarification regarding their location or about any other conflicts then and there.

Free Installation
Earnings report

Delivery agents can get a report of their earnings along with earning analytics based on weeks, months, and years.

Admin Panel

User management

Gain an analytical edge over all your customers’ behavior, by getting the entire information of them and adding or removing when and if necessary.


Get deeper insights about your business with a graphical representation of the overall profits gain, revenue, new customer acquisition, etc.,

Order management

You can have a holistic view of all the order fulfillment, from order completion to cancellation. This feature allows you to track order status in real-time.

Manual dispatch

You can also dispatch a delivery driver manually if there is a demand or if it is rush hour so that you won’t miss out on any users.

Promote restaurants

As an admin, you can advertise the restaurants and change the advertisement details depending on needs and generate more revenue.


Increase the sales happening through your app by setting discounts and offering referral codes to your users. You can also view the referral reports to analyze the usage.

How Does Our Eat24 Clone Work?

  • The user logins to the app either by entering their mobile number, email address or through social media account handles.

  • Users can browse different restaurants or search for their preferred dishes directly in the search bar.

  • After settling upon a restaurant and a dish, they can place the order by choosing a payment mode.

  • Once the order is placed, the notification will be sent to the restaurant directly and the restaurant can confirm the order, and offer it to the delivery agent.

  • The order will be delivered to the user and they can review their delivery experience and the food, or also rate the service.

What Do We Extend With Our Eat24 Clone Script?

Android & iOS apps
Android & iOS apps
Delivery Executive
Android & iOS apps
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Why Choose Uberdoo For Your Eat24 Clone App Development?

Every project needs a different approach. Our experts excel in analyzing the existing challenges in your business and with due diligence frame a roadmap that will lead to fulfilling your idea’s bottom line. With our extensive experience and skill sets, we aim to develop a compelling and trustable on-demand Eat24 clone script tailored to your needs. Besides the information given about our team here, there are proven score points that give us an edge over other competitors. And here are they:

Requirement Challenge Understanding

Exemplary UI/UX

We craft exceptional UI/UX that satisfies and surpasses your expectations with innovative ideas and tools.

Tech Solution Consultation


We offer an extensive suite of the clone app solution on or before the agreed deadline true to our words.

Consistent Delivery

Value for money

Our development methods are always about triggering the potential. Hence your final product will be sustainable in the long run, so that you can leverage it as a profit source.

Scale Up

Resolute technical assistance

From initial scoping to post-launch support, we will stay by your side to assist you with whatever issues you face.

Scale Up

White-label Solutions

We white label the Eat24 clone solutions according to your brand so that it serves helpful for your unique brand reach.

Scale Up

100% source code

With the launch of the clone app, we hand over the entire source code of the application which is unencrypted and customizable.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no specific limit to the number of registrations, all can register. You can later customize it if necessary.

Yes, our team will constantly stay in touch with you to update you regarding every stage. We always welcome your feedback or suggestions during development.

The app script contains features to increase locations to multiple cities and countries. It also supports features like multi-language support and currency conversion.

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