Deliveroo Clone App

The food delivery sectors are achieving skyrocketing popularity in recent times. This has turned out to be a profitable business for a lot of startups and entrepreneurs. Uberdoo helps you launch a robust and readymade Deliveroo clone and benefit from everything the online food delivery business sector has in store for you.

Our solutions are 100% customizable and are solely designed and developed to resonate with your business-specific requirements. Renovate your food order delivery venture by consuming our industry-best and privacy characteristics induced Deliveroo clone script.

Our Deliveroo Clone Script Feature Integrations

All the must-have features are included in our Deliveroo clone helping you hold your
business at your fingertips with fully scalable and customizable feature inclusions.

Easy login

Customers can directly log in using their social media credentials or also use their email or phone number to log in.

Real-time Tracking

The order can be tracked live through all its phases such as order acceptance, arrival time, picked up status, and delivered status.

Smart filter and Search

To find the right cuisine and restaurant, the customers can use the advanced filter and sorting option.

Promo code

Customers can use promo codes to get discounts on their orders.

Order Takeaway

Ordered food can be picked up directly from the restaurant by the customer.

Multiple Payment Options

The order payment can be done via multiple available payment gateways such as net banking, in-app waller payment, credit/debit card payment, and much more.

Reviews and Ratings

After order delivery, the service of the provider and the quality and taste of food can be rated and reviewed using the “review order” option.

Profile updation

The delivery executive can create and update their profile after getting verified by the admin.

Delivery information

Detailed information about the received order request can be accessed by the delivery agent.

Toggle mode

The provider can switch between active/inactive or online/offline. When active or online, the agent will receive order requests.

In-app call / chat

Using the in-app call/chat feature, the delivery agents can clarify their order queries with the restaurant and the customer.

Agent Availability

The delivery executive can accept or reject the received order requests according to their convenience and availability.


Earnings, commissions, and payments can be tracked in the application by the agent.

Restaurant Application

Profile modification

The restaurant can add or modify their details such as name, availability, food listings, etc.,

Customized dashboard

All the order information and app operations can be handled using the personalized dashboard.

Review management

According to the customer reviews, the restaurant can change its services and expand its future business.

Menu management

The food items can be categorized and put under various categories to help customers identify their needs easily.

Promo code management

Restaurants can add and remove deals and discounts by providing promo codes to the customers.

Customer record

The ordered customers’ records and their order history concerning their restaurant can be viewed by the restaurant.

Admin Panel

Restaurant management

The restaurants associated with the application can be managed, viewed, added, or removed by the admin.

Customer management

Admin can view and manage the app customers and their orders.

Discount management

Apart from the restaurant offering discounts, the admin can create new offers and discounts for the customers.

Food listing management

Admin can create food and menu listings from their available restaurant partners.

Push notifications

The app, SMS, and email notifications of the restaurant partners and the customers can be managed by the admin.

Review standards

By accessing customer reviews, poor-performing restaurants are flagged to maintain food delivery app service standards.

How Does Our Deliveroo Clone Work?

With a cutting-edge 4-step business model, we strive to make an efficient workflow for the Deliveroo Clone App.

Choose and Order

By filtering and searching the nearby location, the customer can pick their desired restaurant and choose the food item from various available categories. Once chosen, the user can place the order.

Order Payment

The order payment can be made by using any of the integrated payment methods.

Preparation of Food

The restaurant receives the order, prepares the food, and allocates a delivery executive to deliver the order.

Food delivery

The assigned delivery agent picks the order from the restaurant and delivers it to the customer’s location.

Business Benefits of Choosing Our Deliveroo Clone Script

We let you reap the benefits of quick time-to-market by taking advantage of the Deliveroo clone app advantages.

12 Months Free Updates
Engaging UI/UX
36 Months Free Support
Scalable solutions
Free Source Code
Rapid development
Free Brand Removal
Customizable features
Free Installation
Easy user management
Free Installation
White-labeled solution

Why Pick Us?

At Uberdoo, our experienced development team aims at developing the Deliveroo clone with extreme intuitiveness so that even first-time users can handle the application with relative ease. With our adequate, user-friendly, and readymade Deliveroo clone script, you can restructure your business standards.

Free installation

Timely Delivery

Free brand removal

36 months free support

24 months free updates

Tech-savvy approach

Optimized software solutions

100% unencrypted source code

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We can add additional features that fit your business needs.

After the application goes live, you will own the entire source code.

Our Deliveroo clone is a ready-to-launch script and hence the app will be deployed once the application is fully functional with the customizations integrated. Contact our expert team to get an estimated duration for your Deliveroo clone app development.

We offer unencrypted and customizable Deliveroo clone source code. This helps you customize your code according to your business requirements.

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