Zomato Clone App: To Accelerate our Food Delivery Business

On-demand food delivery applications are making huge strides in the food delivery business. Due to the change in urban lifestyle, it is gaining more popularity and more value. Our Zomato Clone is integrated with every functionality to have your customer’s desired dish delivered from his/her desired restaurant at the doorstep.

These solutions are 100% customizable and scalable to ensure businesses get profit from the application. We have in-house developers who have expertise in developing Zomato clone apps that let you stay up front in the market competition. Control your business from your fingertips by leveraging our Zomato clone app development services.

What Are the Features Integrated with Our Zomato Clone Script?

Our end-to-end Zomato clone app with source code replicating Zomato imparts features built with a modern tech stack. Who are the stakeholders? Customers, Delivery Agents, Food stores, and Admin. Here are the features relative to each user role.

Secure sign in

Customers can sign in using their email, phone, or also by using their social media account credentials.

Advanced filtering

Advanced sort and filter options can be applied by the customers to find the food store and menu that best suits their needs.

Payment gateways

Multiple payment options such as credit/debit card payment, wallet payment, net banking, fund transfer, and so on can be made use of for order payments.

Live tracking

By leveraging our GPS-enabled live tracking system, the order can be tracked by the customers.

In-app chat/call

This feature allows the customer to interact with the food store and the delivery executive to clarify their queries.

Rate and review

After the food delivery, the order can be reviewed and rated for both the food quality and the executive’s service.

View order history

Customers can view their past orders, ongoing orders, canceled orders, and orders in the cart along with their invoices.

Profile validation

The agent’s profile will be verified and validated by the admin before creation.

Toggle mode

The delivery executive can toggle between online and offline to let the restaurant know their availability status. When online, they receive order requests and when offline, they do not receive order requests.

Order request management

The received order requests can be accepted or rejected by the executive according to their convenience.

Order history

The agents’ complete order delivery history and invoices can be viewed by them using this feature.


Using the Google Maps integrated with the Zomato clone app, the executives can make use of easy navigations to reach the customer’s location on time.


The earnings or commissions can be viewed on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Admin Panel

Customized dashboard

The admin can manage the overall application operations with a powerful and customized dashboard.

User management

Customer profiles and their records can be accessed if needed by the admin for reference purposes.

Delivery agent management

The delivery agents and their profiles can also be accessed by the admin. The admin can add or remove an agent.

Food store management

All the restaurants signed up with the application and their records can be managed by the admin.

Deals and discounts

In addition to the restaurant offers, the admin can add promo codes to both new and existing customers.

Sub-Admin creation

The admin can create sub-admin profiles with restricted access and split task modules.

Restaurant Application

Restaurant profile management

The restaurants can manage and modify their profile settings such as menu change, restaurant description, restaurant name, opening and closing hours, and much more.

Menu management

All the food items can be listed under unique categories and any food item can also be added or modified by the restaurant.

Order management

Instant alerts will let the restaurant know about their order requests which enables them to process the received orders.


The restaurants can change their status to available or online to let the customer know that they are available to accept orders.

Promo code management

Promo codes can be managed and added by the restaurant through which the customers can avail of discounts for their order.

Order history

The complete details of the ongoing orders, completed orders, and canceled orders can be viewed by the restaurant.

Earnings report

To be informed about the business decisions, the restaurants can view their earnings reported daily wise, weekly wise, and monthly wise.

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Advanced Features

OTP verification

Customers can verify their profile with OTPs sent to their registered email or phone number.

Wallet integration

The in-app integrated wallet allows the user to add money to their wallets and make instant order payments through the app.

Delivery address management

More than one address can be saved in the app, thus, letting the customers quickly select their desirable location.


From the order history, the customers can search for their previous orders and reorder.

Advanced analytics and reporting

An advanced report generation that provides the analytics for the business performance is provided to the admin to help them make their future business expansion.

How Does Our White Label Zomato Clone App Work?

We aim at providing easy-to-use functionalities in our Zomato clone app with source code put in such a way that the app handling is very simple and easy to adopt. With efficient services, live tracking features, GPS integration, and other seamless functionalities, our Zomato clone ensures a streamlined delivery experience.

Choose your food

The customer can choose their food from their nearby restaurant and place the order.

Restaurant acceptance and confirmation

The order is accepted and confirmed by the restaurant and then proceeds to the payment gateway.

Order payment

Order payment can be made through the various available payment options.

Delivery Agent allocation and food delivery

The delivery valet is assigned to pick the order and deliver it to the customer’s location.

Review and rate

Customers can review and rate the delivery agent’s service, food delivery app service and the food quality in the review field of their respective orders.

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Why Choose Uberdoo For Zomato Clone App Development?

At Uberdoo, our dedicated development team is always committed to developing a best-in-class Zomato Clone Script that serves as a one-stop solution for all your food delivery business needs. Our Zomato clone app with source code similar to Zomato can be customized to any extent and can be delivered within a very little period. Gain complete control over your business operations by leveraging our exemplary Zomato clone app development services. Here are the benefits of choosing our Zomato clone,

Free installation

On-time delivery

Trusted processes

Free brand removal

Advanced analytics

White label solutions

36 months free support

24 months free updates

100% unencrypted source code

Frequently Asked Questions

Our in-house development team develops your white label Zomato Clone app solution within an estimated period depending on the features to be induced and the complexity of your requirements. Reach us to know an estimated timeline for delivering your project.

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It solely depends on the functions and technologies to be made use of to achieve your business goals. Contact our expert team to get a quote today.

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