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  • Social login
  • Category Listing
  • Provider Profile
  • TimeSlot Selection
  • Tracking
  • Order Confirmation
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Payment Gateway

Integral Features


Detailed invoice will be created at the end of the job and the same can be downloaded by user.

Categories and sub categories

Easily segmented for admin to categorise and makes user friendly for user selection and provider allocation as well.

God’s Eye

Admin can track all the provider’s last login location. This helps in understanding market needs better.


Complete booking data including completed, ongoing jobs filter available.


User and provider can use the in app chat to communicate and efficiently complete the job.

Pricing Choice

Admin can set the pricing to a fixed price or hourly rate from admin panel giving him full control of the flow.

Push Notifications

Real time push notifications using firebase to keep the user and provider updated on the job status.

Banner Ads

Potential revenue model for this application. Banner ads can be managed by admin from admin panel.

What will you get?

12 months


36 months




100% Unencrypted Source code

Screens For Youtube Clone

Technology & Server Requirements

Node Js
PHP Laravel
Angular 7 (Admin Panel)
Native apps
SSH Access


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About Youtube Clone

Youtube Clone - Video Streaming software package The World is jam-packed with applications with reference to the advanced and current technology. Those area unit accessible on a several platform with some restricted restrictions that area unit outlined by the corresponding service. Youtube is one in all the foremost needed mobile application to observe the videos and enhancing the abilities through the multiple info. There area unit some clone scripts has been introduced to scale back the user traffic on the actual mobile application.
Youtube Clone - Video Streaming answer
The clone scripts can facilitate constant options and specifications that area unit out there within the already existed one. Through the net affiliation, the user are able to do the required task towards the net video collections. within the Uberdoo.com web site, the individuals will have Youtube Clone script is on the market which is called as Youtube Clone. This Youtube Clone script is very for video sharing method and it are often developed by Uberdoo.com web site. If any user desires to access the mobile application that has similar options like youtube will simply access the Youtube Clone from the web site of Uberdoo. Actually, youtube is Associate in Nursing yankee video sharing mobile application and at the start, it had been created by the PayPal staff. Basically, the video sharing scripts can distribute such a large amount of further edges to the user United Nations agency is accessing the several mobile application through on-line. This service is permitting the user to update any reasonably video format through the net affiliation. because the individuals recognize, by victimization Youtube Clone application, we are able to effectively have some edges with reference to the accessing platform of corresponding mobile application. Youtube clone can lead the individuals or user to access the quantity of desired and advanced techniques that area unit enforced recently towards the net video sharing method. Let’s imagine that the options of YouTube aren't out there on the mobile application, however the individuals will entertain themselves and share the required videos to others. within the clone script of Youtube Clone, the individuals will get the options kind of like youtube towards the required project. There area unit some new and advantageous applications area unit distributed by the mobile application that has been introduced recently as a clone script.
Features of Youtube Clone
In the current state of affairs, the individuals area unit searching for the straightforward and economical options to own towards the method of achieving the required task. Youtube Clone are going to be in an exceedingly easy manner and at constant time, it acts as a research engine optimisation friendly too. The individuals will transfer or transfer a unique reasonably video format through on-line. The mobile application is being polyglot which might have a capability to activate with multiple languages. Advertisements are often simply created and uploaded on youtube script what the quantity of individuals is victimization presently. Youtube Clone are often interconnected with the video channels. The individuals will have Associate in Nursing possibility for a rapid search to explicit video what we wish to observe. The video content management system is on the market on this youtube clone script to form and manage the digital content. Some of the quality options area unit facultative the massive volume of information towards the actual task. Customizing facility of this video sharing script is simply too straightforward with the assistance of several choices. This mobile application that s downloaded from the Uberdoo is distributing completely different video player with reference to the browser through that the individuals area unit accessing this service. As youtube script is displaying and storing the browsing story. With the assistance of this facility or Associate in Nursing possibility, the user will simply notice their recently viewed videos. To access this service, there area unit variety of beautiful options area unit distributed through the mobile application. Subscription plans area unit simply dead and therefore the individuals will transfer the unlimited videos. within the Youtube Clone, clone script of youtube, the individuals will modification the profile settings as per would like. Normally, each mobile application is accessible on the platform of golem and therefore the web package. within the clone script of youtube additionally this can be attainable to alter the responsive theme as per the would like of the user. intrinsic contact forms area unit out there during this admirable video sharing mobile application. Youtube script has a video slide bar to indicate or show the video on the screen.
Advantages of Youtube clone
Even although, there area unit such a large amount of Video Streaming software package applications area unit distributed to this technology, the Youtube Clone places a more robust place towards the net video sharing processes. Youtube script can perform so as to satisfy the user forever with reference to the demand towards the scripts. This video sharing script of Youtube Clone, the videos area unit shared from varied|the numerous} or various supply. there's Associate in Nursing accessibility of admin board within the video-sharing script to manage the functions. Youtube Clone provides some choices to update the feedback through the FB comment possibility that is placed below youtube videos. absolutely responsive and it's utterly secure and reliable one to share the videos. The individuals will look for the cluster of videos with the assistance of an internet affiliation. per the recent survey, the individuals area unit accessing the mobile application to attain the required project. In fact, the mobile application that is employed for video sharing purpose is revealing such a large amount of advantageous options to the user. it's a capability to post the videos directly from youtube and therefore the user will access those videos with the assistance of revered mobile application. Not solely area unit the bulk of browsers, there some traditional and basic level enforced browsers area unit effectively introducing the advantages. The process of installation and creating use of the mobile application through on-line and therefore the mobile application of Youtube Clone is incredibly abundant versatile towards the demanded task of the user. Youtube Clone may be a video optimised script for the users and SEO analysts United Nations agency area unit all making an attempt to extend the web ranking. Sharing audios, videos and animated pictures through on-line is feasible with the assistance of this mobile application. The admin panel of this clone script are going to be pretty much responsive towards the task that is demanded by the user. There area unit such a large amount of indispensable terms and conditions area unit out there whereas accessing this mobile application through on-line. The utterly featured specifications area unit out there on the mobile application that is employed for the video sharing method. so as to the user’s profile, some extended and integrated options area unit more up with it to extend its commonplace and strategy. Money creating technique victimization Youtube Clone This is one in all cash|the cash|the money} creating processes within the world and most of the mobile applications area unit lead the users to achieve money from completely different aspects. At present, in our world, there area unit such a large amount of industries and firms area unit out there. within the current state of affairs, everything is developed with the assistance of promoting and it must advertise concerning the particular field or performance. As this mobile application has a multi-language system, the numbers of users area unit increasing wide. Publishing sure videos on the web site is requiring some quantity from the several organisation that desires to update the videos. the choice of synchronisation of videos on the day to day, the applying developers United Nations agency area unit all maintaining the specification is requiring some cash to attain the required project. The video scripts can prepare by the performance of this video sharing mobile application. This is one in all the PHP primarily based mobile application that may be a cash creating method. because of its unlimited media content classes, the user will gain some blessings with reference to the cash. The monitor has some facultative recommendations and with this thought, the service of video sharing is satisfying the user. The initial method of buying a mobile application to update on an internet site needs a selected quantity to attain. The individuals will access or tune the various varieties of channels and special flash players to show the videos area unit out there during this mobile application. These PHP video scripts area unit effectively supporting the individuals to share the videos and enhancing the abilities through this method. Not only, is Youtube Clone the mobile applications that area unit biological research scripted from youtube cash creating one through on-line. The content management system is forever wont to convert the input format for the users.
Additional options - Youtube clone
Back-end processes additionally attainable whereas uploading a video through the several mobile application. Video management system is feasible with some processes like piece of writing, adding and deleting the video content. Adding Meta tags and Meta description is feasible by the mobile applications that clone script the individuals area unit victimization. The PHP video script is facilitating the looking out feature to search out out the actual video through on-line. the angle pages area unit revealing some privacy and security settings. The input format conversion is extremely auxiliary to the content management system that is facultative the editing possibility. Instant video sharing through on-line is feasible with the assistance of the clone script. The electronic communication system is upgraded with the encrypted supply codes and therefore the clone script of youtube could reveal the GD image library. The admin for the particular clone script of youtube will maintain the username and positive identification. Some of the websites area unit introducing most of the admirable options of the mobile application to satisfy the user United Nations agency is all accessing it. within the nowadays, most of the users area unit causation feedback and searching for Associate in Nursing implementation towards the required task. The user and therefore the application developer will get a mutual profit through the performance. The clone scripts are attempting to beat the first product by competitive with its commonplace and strategy.
The individuals or user ought to have a correct information towards the accessing techniques and performance of the options through on-line. The functioning path of this mobile application on the Social media and therefore the user profiles area unit integrated with the $64000 time interaction of the user. There area unit such a large amount of media advertisements and updates area unit achieved through the corresponding mobile application that is performing arts the method of video-sharing in Youtube Clone. PHP video script is distributing such a large amount of advantageous facilities to the user of youtube’s clone script. If any application users area unit required this, Youtube Clone Applicaiton, they will purchase this clone script of youtube from the online web site of Uberdoo.com. The templates area unit provided during this clone script to advancing the processes of video sharing. Comprehensive and standard design is intended for the mobile application what the individuals area unit accessing.
Advancement techniques in Youtube Clone
Search engine optimisation techniques area unit more up with the clone script to extend the web ranking. Eventhough, this clone script is performing arts well, Youtube Clone additionally reveals some disadvantages too. this can be necessary to follow the procedure that is outlined by the clone script. The user will transfer the videos in any format and HD and mobile videos area unit effectively uploaded with the assistance of the mobile application. The templates area unit extremely accountable towards the demanded task and therefore the users area unit increasing with reference to the performance. The address links area unit keep within the admin space and therefore the user will edit the profile that is on the market on the several mobile application. The clone scripts area unit distributing such a large amount of recent tags whereas sharing the video through the mobile application that has betrothed with the videos. Video playlists and favorite videos area unit directly displayed on the window if the user desires to visualize or refer its standing. Most mentioned videos are often vie defaultly and accessing strategies of prime rated videos area unit attainable through on-line. Support and therefore the regular updates area unit acceptable from the user United Nations agency is accessing this service of video sharing through the clone script. Most of the websites are attempting to implement its mobile application that is within the style of clone script. Uberdoo is one in all those and therefore the clone script of Youtube that may be a the image of youtube can establish some desired task of the user.