Zoechat - key features


User can login/Sing up by using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Gmail accounts.


Find the nearest restaurants based on the location, category and dish wise as well.


Real time tracking made simple using the gps functionality where the users can track the real time driver’s location.


Favourite Cuisines and restaurants can be added to there favourite so that they can quick order therefavourite food in no time.


App has the option for admin to check and view the rating, the users can rate the restaurants based on service and share thoughts as review.


Hassle free commission management using admin dashboard where commissions can be effectively management for each restaurant.

Zoechat features


    Instant and real time push notifications for Users, Restaurant and Drivers to keep them updated on the instant alerts on their orders.


    Not everyone requires the food in same way. Special instructions can be provided while food ordering and restaurants deliver your food the way choose.


    Flexible payment option available where users can pay via cash or Online payment mentioned as well. Admin Can restrict the mode of payment available in app as well.


    For Optimisation and Performance improvement admin can track the rating and reviews from users to evaluate and improve food quality.


    For Optimisation and Performance improvement admin can track the rating and reviews from users to evaluate and improve food quality.


    You can easily browse through the order history from your account and reorder them easily with one click. You can also review the past order details over here.


    Customising your order is a key detail in food ordering and we have handled it with great precision to help users customize the food items based on their choice.


    Admin and Restaurant can create promo code for discounts and the restaurants can offer deal of the day at a discounted price to attract more users.


    Choose the address where you want the food to be delivered. You can add multiple address and order for your loved ones as well.


    Choose the address where you want the food to be delivered. You can add multiple address and order for your loved ones as well.

Technology & Server Requirements

Node Js
PHP Laravel
Angular 7 (Admin Panel)
Native apps
SSH Access


What will you get?

36 months






100% Unencrypted Source code

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About Zoechat(Whatsapp clone)

Zoechat is whatsapp clone Script organized with the goal that gives viable organization. This application has some remarkable features for the customers, they can share reports in individual or social event visits viably customer can block any discussion and unblock when they feel free from spam , they can send texts similarly as video records or your principle tunes. You can in like manner confer pictures to one direct snap. You can in like manner grant region to buddies using the planned region feature. The application empowers the customers to shape get-togethers and converse with their mates. Zoechat is a mind blowing mechanical assembly for arrangements and promoting exercises. Zoechat the informing application has transformed into individuals' best choices in a particularly limited ability to focus time, with obvious and satesfing highlights. Its regularly suffering highlights and fundamental UI has always put the application over the quick overview. It keeps concocting different highlights on each strengthen and they never dismissal to satisfy clients needs additionally. Zoechat has offered what different assorted clones neglect to offer and it would address a genuine hazard to eminent informing applications like Hike and weChat. The UI is fundamental and faultless, it doesn't continue running over the edge with the stunning tones that are out of coordinate. It has controls perfectly put and hits on the correct target. Best of all, it doesn't require some veritable aptitudes to utilize the application since it is incredibly clear and valid.

Zoechat app for Business

Zoechat application has the majority of the highlights like exceptional Whatsapp. In spite of the standard application, in future you and your clients won't be in a terrible position for cost increments and assorted shocks held by Facebook, since you will control your own system. The best thing about getting the Zoechat is that you basically need to pay on occasion later use it uncertainly. You can engage clients to utilize their cell phones and iPhones to send writings, video reports correspondingly as sound records on the fly. They will in like way can set up social event talks and have various individuals sending messages. It is said that the clone applications don't have the solidarity to continue in the business center, while this application has broken this idea. Since the application is masterminded with the objective that it incorporate the great number of perspectives and features of WhatsApp. This application in like way utilizes the guaranteed message transmission consolidate with the target that the messages sent by strategies for the stage is solid and secure and just the masterminded beneficiary can examine the message. Hence the substance can be utilized by the affiliations and schools to share data and direction and for some other inside purposes by confining the way just to the supported clients like the understudies and delegates.

Why Zoechat application is so efficient?

Zoechat is a clone substance of WhatsApp and it will all in all be utilized for the transmission of writings, savvy media messages, and the GIF engaged records also. There are two conceivable outcomes open, for example, encouraged talk and the get-together visits through the on the web. The structure of the application is masterminded in such a way it is adaptable to the clients where this client can give each other protectedly. The most basic thing required is a broadband relationship for web so client can send messages to companions, relatives, and associates continually. It is immaculate with both Android and iOS applications. There are various clones that are not compelling in the business and Zoechat Whatsapp Clone Apps is an uncommon case. It has features that are closest to Whatsapp and its straightforward interface is the best bit of all. A couple whatsapp clone script desert a terrible customer experience and obscure away quickly from the tech industry. Unlike these clones, Zoechat is sure to win and proceed with the race as it is open for IOS and Android customers. It is free of cost and does not eat up a lot of memory space as well. How cool is that? It gives a world class customer association with no burden or whatsoever. There is one clear factor for Whatsapp clone script colossal accomplishment and that is "emoji". People can't get enough of them starting at now and Zoechat has vague segment from well. The Whatsapp Clone apps certifications to offer a simple to utilize inclusion with its unique summary of features.

Benefits of Zoechat

Zoechat is an easy to understand application that that won't enable client to pay for client portable administration bearer a huge amount of cash every month for SMS and mixed media messages. This Whatsapp clone apps has every one of the highlights of the first application and more that can enable you to discuss less demanding with companions. Rundown of advantages when you use Zoechat. Client get the opportunity to utilize the single visit and converse with a companion from any nation whenever with no shrouded charges or extra expenses added to it. Client can likewise welcome more companions to the discussion for a gathering visit just as close to home talk.

How to earn money using Zoechat?

Their are tremendous amounts of the most immediate approach to manage increment cash from WhatsApp clone apps marvelously for the general population who hurry to utilize WhatsApp clone script and for the general population who are utilizing WhatsApp clone script without getting any favorable position as of now simply chill and recognize more since now you can utilize Zoechat to win cash or roundaboutly WhatsApp clone is going to give you cash as a supporting prize. To the general population who are not utilizing WhatsApp clone script a motivating news for them too that you can win cash from Zoechat. Thusly, there are different ways where your time spend on Zoechat can be adjusted, in case you have a present business. Zoechat is an extraordinary device for arrangements and displaying exercises. On the other hand, if you are a working customer with wide framework, you can effectively utilize them by sharing substance. It should be recalled that the sharing should be balanced and it should not be involved as spamming by your contacts in light of the way that everything considered people would stop considering your supposition or effort imperative.

Push Notification

The clients will never miss an approaching message as they will dependably be told of it with Zoechat pop-up message highlight. Pop-up messages will be shown for both individual and gathering talks.

Report Sharing

With Zoechat, customers can share reports in individual or social occasion talks adequately. Zoechat grants sharing renowned report bunches like PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS, and TXT.

Profile Management

Regulate profile through Whatsapp Clone application instantly it fuses invigorated profile picture, status, and so on

Blocked Contacts

With the utilization of this segment, the customer can upset any visit and unblock the comparable at whatever point, by thusly the customers can feel free from spam/bothersome discourses.

Star/Unstar Messages

Zoechat enables clients to bookmark essential messages by featuring them. These featured messages from various talks to list for better and quicker access.

Security Settings

Control security separately for a profile picture, status and last observed. Notice settings ,Customers can describe the notice settings like exchange tone, Message notice, and assembling notice.

Information Usage Management

With this option, the customers can control the data use on the PDAs by enabling/devastating the decisions like Media auto-download over convenient data, Wi-Fi.

Direct Reply

Customers can explicitly reply to messages in the announcement and answer structure. The appropriate response message will show a survey of the refered to message.

Imprint As Unread

Engraving as new to ostensibly remind the customer to respond to the sender. Fundamentally long push on a talk and engraving it as new in Whatsapp Clone content.

Welcome Friends

Welcome your associates in contact through in-App, who are all not using Scimbo application. The application download association will be sent to your partners.

Moment Search

Inquiry through all the substance l the substance available in your record, find customers, find visits and messages for the term right away.

Voice And Video Calling

Acknowledge free and vast voice and video calls. voice and video calls are made through convenient data or WiFi.

Mystery Chat

Have really private dialogs with your contacts. The secret messages in the discourse will be ended from the two completes after the set between time of time.


Emoticons help the customer better grasp the novel situation and tone of the message. A wide extent of emoticons is executed to keep the dialogs fun and secures.

Lock Chat

Secure basic dialogs by locking them with a mystery word to avoid unhindered access. Each exchange can be rushed with an other mystery word for improved security.

Talk Backup

Customers never need to worry over losing their indispensable messages. Zoechat Whatsapp Clone offers cloud fortification through Google Drive.

Two Factor Authentication

The Two Factor Authentication in the midst of login gives an extra layer of security. It helps in checking the real owner successfully.

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