Expand the Scope of Your Business with Practo Clone Script

With the COVID-19 pandemic still persisting in many parts of the world, people are in fear of waiting long for doctor’s appointments in hospitals and are in need of a safe way to get health consultation services. Become a medium and meet the demands of patients by building a leading-edge Practo app clone. Enable the users to avail of expert healthcare services, remote consultations, and book in-person appointments easily without leaving their doors.

Uberdoo’s Practo clone is a ready-to-launch on-demand doctor appointment app that you could customize end-to-end according to your business needs. You could update the logo, color scheme, app name, and other relevant details for making a unique niche for your business.

Features of Our Practo Clone Script

Sign In

Users can register themselves in the app by entering their email ID, Phone number, or social media handles, along with their health records.

Update Profile

The users can update all their personal information and their medical details like medication, surgeries, allergies, etc.

Healthcare Services

From a variety of medical assistance from heart ailments to dermatology etc, the users can choose a medical service that they need.

Video/ voice Consultations

With this feature, the users can connect with their doctors via high-quality video/voice calls anytime and anywhere.

Appointment History

Users can refer to all the past, and upcoming appointments by clicking on this feature.

Book Appointments

The app users can book an appointment with the doctor of their choice after viewing the different services available.

Payment Options

Users can view a list of popular payment options and select a mode of payment that seems most convenient to them.


The scheduled appointment can be canceled or rescheduled by the patient according to their convenience.

Ratings & Reviews

Your users can be of great help to improve your brand’s name by rating the healthcare service with this feature.

Doctor App

Manage Profile

Doctors can be a part of the growing demand by updating their personal details and medical qualifications on the app.


They can observe all the different functions like earnings, and appointment history within a single screen.

View Calendars

All the remote and in-person appointments are presented to the doctors for a specific period of time for their quick reference.

Cancel/reschedule Consultations

Doctors can cancel or reschedule the consultations for any valid reasons, and the refund will be provided to the users as per the policy.

Manage Reviews

The doctors can view reviews shared by the users and take necessary steps to improve or maintain the quality of services provided.

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Admin Panel


Manage all the business activities with powerful analytics, entire records accessibility from a single window.

Content Management System

Since the entire app is under your control, you have the power to enrich the app’s user experience by sharing relevant content like news, articles, videos, etc.

Manage Health Records

You can have the whole storage to manage all the health records, digital prescriptions, and other data in the app with sufficient storage.

Manage Doctors’ Profiles

You can verify the details of doctors before approving them to benefit from the app so that the quality and trust are maintained well.

Create Sub-admins

Add any trusted partner to your app as a sub-admin to manage specific business activities apart from your responsibilities.

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Benefits of the App

  • Simple and intuitive UI/UX for easy navigation
  • Easy scheduling with doctors and other healthcare professionals
  • Multiple payment gateway options for an easy and secure payment
  • High-quality live video consultations
  • Personalized healthcare consultations and services from the preferred doctors

Our Practo Clone App Development Process


Before kick-starting with the development directly, we give importance to hear about your business, tech assistance needed, and your requirements to improve it.


We create a wireframe that contains a visualization of the end product that helps us better understand your requirements and also create a roadmap for the development.


You will see your idea taking shape into a visually appealing app that will provide an immersive look and feel to your users.


Our proficient developers will code the crucial components, front-end, and back-end of the app using advanced tools and tech stack that will meet your specific needs.


Once the app is run through different tests, and assured bug-free by our QA team, it will be deployed on the platforms and server you have chosen, for the world to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our solution can be customized with ease and you can build a loyalty program or promo code functionality. It will however only increase the visibility of your app and you can reap benefits.

Yes, we offer a complete suite of post-launch support that will help you to upgrade or maintain the best state of your app for the long run.

Yes, we understand well how security plays an important role. Hence, we have made sure to include the best of security features like OTP login, encryption, etc. so that your users have a safer experience.

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