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postmates clone

Pollux is an on demand delivery application which is a clone of Postmates. Pollux application help you deliver any package like courier, food delivery, groceries delivery, alcohol delivery, etc. which can make postal deliveries, parcels and home deliveries more efficient and easier. Postmates clone script helps your delivery business in huge way and plays an important role in helping people get instant items that they are looking for. Postmates clone apps is fully integrated on demand delivery software relevant for your food delivery and courier business. It has many features that make it, comfortable and convenient for the user.

Social login

User can log in into the app by entering his or her social mass media accounts like Facebook, Gmail etc. This makes the login a simple one step process.

Easy Search

Easy Search feature is used to the type and search the item and give suggestions to the people who order the same things regularly.

Automatic Accept

Delivery executives use this feature where the deliveries are accepted one after another when the work is completed.

Pick up

Admin can easily track and manage each user details and Driver details with real time tracking features when order is picked up. and we integrate features like navigation, route optimization based on GPS functionality.

Real-time delivery tracking

User can track the delivery driver, the distance it needs to cover before it reaches you, is called real-time delivery tracking and similar technology is used in most of the taxi dispatch applications to track the driver.

Customer GPS tracking

Tracking the customer, using GPS technology, where the customers must keep their GPS switched on, on their handsets to easily deliver goods and this process is customer GPS tracking. This feature, the real-time delivery tracking, and estimated time feature are used to easily map and deliver goods to the customer ordered and to the place they ordered too.


After any delivery or pick up, the money transaction completes the service, and the payment feature helps us do it. Nowadays, to make money transactions easier, mobile and internet transactions are also made, and this feature also has that provision.

How can you earn money using Pollux?

On the off chance that anybody needs to make an application for some delivery business, they can purchase our Pollux App which is a postmate clone that the clone has. Presently, they can utilize this for their dispatch administration and improve it in light of the fact that each client needs the procedure of enlistment to be speedy and effective and by utilizing the On interest conveyance you can achieve it. Postmates clone apps is a transformation in the field of versatile application and it made many business people to grow bigger in the ordinary world in light of the fact that the mind boggling booking and dispatching procedure of the conveyance administrations is supplanted by only Pollux application. This Postmates clone script uses commission based system where you can earn income by each booking done by the users.


Postmates Clone is an On demand delivery app. Postmates to be exact, is an On Demand Courier Delivery Applicaiton. The applications and highlights are likewise like the original application. Indeed, the content of Handy for all is likewise like Postmates. This clone content can likewise be utilized by other people who need to make a conveyance application. Sustenance Order Tracking, Driver Management, Track area, Map and Order following for clients are the administrations which both the same application. Pollux application is 100% customizable comes in both android and iOS with a white label solution.

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