Build a Market-leading Teleconferencing Solution With Our App for Online Medical Consultation

A smart way to offer healthcare services and improve your business is to develop an on-demand online doctor consultation app. This service is becoming super trendy and popular because of the pandemic situation all over the world. These types of applications help in bridging the gap between the patients and doctors.It also guides the patients to get expert-level health-related suggestions.

If you are looking to streamline your medical care service business, then developing a reliable consultation app is the modest effort you can make. Uberdoo helps you build such solutions by incorporating all the must-add features and features specific to your business needs. Our expert team maneuvers you throughout the development process right from ideation to the deployment phase. We make sure to include all the functionalities and all-inclusive features which aid you in growing your healthcare business multi-folds. Contact our expert team and get started with your consultation app development ideation today!

Features included in Our Doctor Video Consultation App

Patient App

Separate user-ends for patients, doctors, assistants, and the admin are imparted in our
doctor consultation app solution. Each end has its specific integrated features.

Social media login

The patient can log in through their social media credentials.

Easy browsing

The doctors they prefer can be searched and picked by the patient by viewing their ratings and reviews.

Profile management

Their profiles can be viewed and modified with updated details if needed.

Scheduling house-calls

According to their health issues, they can contact the relevant doctor from the list of available doctors.

Video call

The patient can connect with the experts via video calls for efficient visual communication.

Multiple payment gateways

The consultation fee can be paid by the patient using any of the available payment modes such as card payment, wallet payment, COD, etc.,


The scheduled appointment can be canceled or rescheduled by the patient according to their convenience.

Rate and review

The app service and the doctor consultation can be rated and reviewed by the patient in the review field.

Doctor App

Doctor profile management

The doctors can manage their profiles, view and modify their given details.

Availability toggle

Doctors can toggle between online mode and offline mode to let their patients know their availability.

Approve/reject appointments

Received appointment requests can be accepted or rejected by the doctors in accordance with their convenience.

Real-time consultation requests

The doctors receive live consultation requests which they can handle if needed or can reschedule with the same.


The reviews and ratings given to the doctors can be viewed by them and can improve with the same.

Assistant App

Profile registration

The doctors’ assistants can create a profile and serve as an assistant in a hospital.

View waiting list

The assistants can view and manage the waiting patients’ list and proceed with them according to the doctor’s availability.

Approve/reject appointments

With respect to approval or rejection of appointments, it is purely based on the doctor’s availability.


Tasks that are specifically assigned for the assistants can be viewed and managed by them.

Push notifications

The assistant gets live notifications about patient requests, doctors’ availability, and other relevant information

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Admin App

Patient management

The patients and their details associated with the application can be viewed and managed by the admin.

Doctor management

The associated doctors, their treatment history, and solved health cases can be viewed and managed by the admin.

Assistant management

The assistants registered with the application and their roles and performed tasks can be viewed and managed by the admin.

Sub-admin creation

Admin can create sub-admins and split their job into various blocks and assign them to the sub-admins for faster service management.

Manage ads

Enable your vendors to advertise on your platform through sponsored listings and monetize your application.


The commission earned by the doctors, assistants and the app service can be viewed and managed by the admin.

Advanced add-ons

Pharmacy integration

The doctors and the admin can get access to the pharmacy database with this integration.

Laboratory integration

The prescriptions and medications provided by the admin can be managed with the lab-data integration.

Video consultation

The patients can consult doctors via video conferencing for efficient ail treatment.

Upload test reports

The healthcare service providers can upload the patients’ test reports and the patients can view and access the same.

Subscription models

Each consultation’s prescribed medications, the treatment offered, and progress notes can be added by the doctor.

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Business Benefits You Gain From Our Online Doctor Consultation Application

To provide a handy consultation app at your users’ fingertips is itself an advantage. On top of it, there are
a lot of business benefits you gain from developing an on-demand doctor video consultation app.

  • Data security
  • Patient-friendly
  • Instant feedback
  • No geographic barrier
  • Increased convenience
  • Real-time communication
  • Vast experts categorization
  • Any consultation format can be uploaded by the doctor

Our Online Medical Consultation App Workflow

We ensure to impart a workflow that is easily accessible and understandable by the patients. The steps are really simple and let the patient book a consultation with a click. Here is the working of our consultation app.

The patient can register and log in to the app with simple steps.

Once logged in, the patient can mention the facing health problems in the relevant field.

Then the patient chooses the specialty doctor he/she wishes to consult with.

The consultation payment can be made via available multiple payment methods.

A high-quality doctor who has expertise in solving your mentioned problem will be allocated.

The patient and the doctor can have one-to-one interaction via video conferencing.

The reports and medications will be generated by the doctor and will be easily received by the patient.

The patient can follow up with the same doctor, if required, with minimal charges.

Why Choose Uberdoo?

At Uberdoo, our expert team aims at delivering the best telemedicine advisory solution that best fits your online doctor consultation business app requirements. The below-mentioned are the benefits you gain from choosing us for your online doctor consultation app development.

Timely delivery

Experienced Developers

Agile development approach

Cross-platform compatibility

High-end security mechanisms

Powerful and scalable solutions

Time-efficient and cost-efficient

Smooth and secure online payments

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The consultation fee is decided by you, that is, the service business-end. We have no control over setting your pricing.

Privacy and security are our first priority. The patient’s health records are kept totally safe and secure and are shared only between the doctor and the patient.

We have an in-house team of skilled developers who have expertise in developing consultation applications with added customizations fitting your business needs. So, we deliver your solution in a very short period of time. To get an estimated time period required for the development, share your project requirements with our expert team.

As mentioned above, we have an experienced team for healthcare app development. So, we can build you exactly what you envisioned to build. In general, we develop all the top types of healthcare apps such as,

Medication tracking app

Emergency healthcare app

Lifestyle healthcare app

E-health record app

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