lyft clone Application - KEY FEATURES


User can login/Sing up by using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Gmail accounts.


Find the nearest restaurants based on the location, category and dish wise as well.


Real time tracking made simple using the gps functionality where the users can track the real time driver’s location.


Favourite Cuisines and restaurants can be added to there favourite so that they can quick order therefavourite food in no time.


App has the option for admin to check and view the rating, the users can rate the restaurants based on service and share thoughts as review.


Hassle free commission management using admin dashboard where commissions can be effectively management for each restaurant.

lyft clone App Astonishing Features List


    The traditional approach of signing in to the app using the username, password or PINs are long gone. Sign in is made instantly by manipulating the social media accounts.


    Leaving the aspect of driver reviews, featured is a separate option named Driver Feedback where the rider can generate reviews in the form of texts which are accumulated for view by the admin.


    The app is associated with social sharing features where the customers can broadcast their experience on any of the social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and such.


    The user base can make use of the app to book rides in advance, the logic ensures that it will be activated at the preferred time as planned.


    We have developed the product by integrating it with Google Maps API and the functional logic related to the tracking aspect remains unparalleled. Thanks to GPS the tracking is made effectively feasible.


    The driver base can navigate through the entire database where the transactions, payment details, and the booking history are archived in a neat and organized structure providing greater insight


    Typically in some nations, some of the online payment gateways are curbed. To tackle this scenario, the architecture related to digital payment in our product is designed so that any payment gateways can be compatible with it.


    With the help of admin dashboard, the review and feedback of drivers are availed in an easy fashion. The driver base can also get comprehension related to the all inclusive rating from their associated app.

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Technology & Server Requirements

Node Js



Angular JS (Admin Panel)

Native apps



SSH Access


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About lyft clone

Gettaxi is popular mobile application for booking your taxi, Taxi services are one of the fast moving in the market as it has an ongoing demand for taxi services. Our Gettaxi is an lyft clone which is astounding Taxi Booking content that allows you to make your own Taxi Booking Mobile App for on demand taxi application. This Lyft clone apps comes on both iOS and Android and it is one of the most technologically advanced taxi booking app & the best taxi dispatch system, in the world.

Social login

Our GPS empowers your customers to pursue the driver logically and about their status like, in travel, arrived, etc. They can confer the ride to their mates.

Vehicle Choice

Client can give the review and rating about their ride this can be seen by the chairman and make the essential steps for better organization.

Real time Tracking

Drivers can now reasonably find their clients and find the snappiest technique to connect with them on-time.

Review and Rating

Client can give the review and rating about their ride this can be seen by the chairman and make the essential steps for better organization.


Drivers can now reasonably find their clients and find the snappiest technique to connect with them on-time.

Profile Management

Drivers can make their profile with subtleties like name, address, contact number, photographs, etc

Push Notification

Message pop-ups most ideal approach to pass on significant exercises while ride is in procedure like driver status, client booking status and if there should arise an occurrence of any exceptional occasions or advancements.

Advace features in Gettaxi

Our Lyft Clone has three Advance highlights , point to point booking, hourly sparing and station booking. It is a finished reaction for accomplice your clients with taxicabs or any private vehicles. The lyft clone scriptis a clone of an effectively existing Application that individuals are now utilizing. It subsequently makes it simpler to discover a client base since they are for the most part acquainted with the lyft clone script. Since we are certain that your Application will turn out to be popular to the point that you should extend, we have structured the site so that there is positive space for future extension.

How Gettaxi helps your Business?

In this quick moving world, taxi has become the foremost choice for the people to get from one place to another. Also, cell phone is the essential need that everybody claims and that is the motivation behind that’s why mobile technology has changed the way people hail and share their taxi rides. Lyft clone Script offers some help to execute your business necessities. We've had the ability to develop a strong structure of lyft clone apps Open Source that will productively that enables them to provide the best lyft clone apps service to your customers. It has unprecedented joined features that are adequately apt to keep up customer's respect for work with knowledge. This dynamic lyft clone script is bundled with all the best features that are essential in a predictable sound spouting business.


Our Lyft Clone Apps is redone responsive arrangement for your taxi booking startup experience, change of a present part or development of an absolutely new module we are set up to fulfill your requirements and give critical suggestions and courses of action. Lyft clone as simply one more regular apps that the Internet is overflowed with. Our apps has been structured with the end goal that it will perpetually change the manner in which you maintain your business