Give a Digital Makeover to Your Taxi Business with Lyft Clone App

People have started preferring taxi or cab rides over their own vehicle or public transportation. While they have settled upon these on-demand taxi apps, and the demand is on the rise if you are still puzzled about taking your taxi booking business or not, you are missing a big share of the pie right there.

So to help you meet the changing demand of your customers, and to help you manage the taxi fleet management smoothly, we have built the Lyft Clone app. Built with top features like live tracking, in-app chat, trip estimation, etc., the online taxi app like Lyft ensures a great user-friendly experience. Our app comes with web, Android, and iOS for the key stakeholders so that you won’t have to worry about a seamless operation and focus only on growth.

Key Features of Our Lyft Clone script


Customers can register their accounts on the app by either entering basic information like an email address or phone number, or using social media platforms.

Schedule Ride

Riders can either book a ride instantly or they can also schedule a ride for later by registering a specific date and time. At the registered time, the driver and rider will get the notifications promptly.

Fare Estimation

This feature will allow the users to view the estimated fare for different rides before confirming the ride according to their affordability.

Live Tracking

The user can view the current status of the booking ride, and they can also change the ride details even while on transit.

Payment Modes

The app is integrated with multiple payment gateway options that users could avail of and make a safe, convenient payment for the rides.

In-app chat

The riders and drivers can chat with each other on the app to avoid any misunderstandings and to make the pickup smooth.

Transaction History

Users can find all the rides that they have taken so far along with driver details, pickup, and destination and trip fare, etc. with this option.


After the ride is completed, the users can rate the ride experience, which will in turn increase the ranking of the driver’s profile.

Upload Documents

It will allow the drivers to upload all important documents like license, vehicle details, and other documents needed to get started with working.


The driver will receive booking alerts through push notifications of the ride and details of the ride once they are in the vicinity.

Accept/Reject Request

According to their availability and convenience, the driver can either accept or reject the booking request.

Trip History

Drivers can look at the past ride history with details like completed, and canceled and keep a count on the rides on a day or monthly basis.

Account Details

The driver can update their bank details so that they can withdraw their earnings without glitches.


This feature is for the drivers to rate their rider after every trip completion, which will help other drivers to look up information about the ride before confirming the request.

Admin Panel

User Management

You can have a hold of the entire operations of the app from tracking users to making sure that the app is engaging to them, as per your needs.

Driver Management

The feature is exclusively set to allow you to monitor the drivers, track their trips and manage the taxi fleet smoothly.

Revenue Deposit

You can link to the driver’s account and transfer the payment after deducting the commission seamlessly after a cycle.

Real-time Tracking

Track all the taxi vehicles from the dashboard and dispatch all the vehicles to the designated places with ease.

Service Management

Manage the business service by fulfilling the number of ride requests, fare rates, dispatching taxis, and more.


You can track or monitor all the activity happening through your app, like the activity of the driver and manage the availability, and dispatching based on the surge in demand.

Diverse Benefits in One Solution

  • Less time-to-market.
  • Highly cost-effective.
  • Unique-edge to your brand.
  • Smooth and intuitive user experience.
  • Wide reach to your business.

What Does the Lyft Clone Script Package Contain?

iOS/Android App
iOS/Android App
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Profitable Revenue Models

  • Commission Fee
  • Surge Pricing
  • Driver Onboarding Charge
  • Cancellation Fee

Why Choose Uberdoo?

Since the future of transportation is about on-demand ride-hailing apps, you have space to launch your own ride-hailing app with an application from a trusted team. This is where Uberdoo comes into the picture. With our extensive experience and expertise in developing on-demand apps, our team can help you build a gilt-edged ride-hailing app that will be in tandem with your business requirements. Having traveled along and against the market trends, we help you shape your idea into an actual app with strategies, suggestions, and best development practices.

Fast deployment

Enhancement in brand awareness

Engagement-driven functionality

Scalable and customizable solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, once the project is over, we will hand over the source code and app to you. So you will get the entire ownership of the product.

We have past experience of working with non-technical clients and our team has helped them throughout the development process. You can surely share with us your ideas, questions, or suggestions, and we’ll guide you for optimum results.

We designate a separate project manager for your project, who will coordinate with you throughout the project and will also share the respective updates once in a while.

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