Taxi Application - KEY FEATURES


User can login/Sing up by using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Gmail accounts.


Find the nearest restaurants based on the location, category and dish wise as well.


Real time tracking made simple using the gps functionality where the users can track the real time driver’s location.


Favourite Cuisines and restaurants can be added to there favourite so that they can quick order therefavourite food in no time.


App has the option for admin to check and view the rating, the users can rate the restaurants based on service and share thoughts as review.


Hassle free commission management using admin dashboard where commissions can be effectively management for each restaurant.

Taxi App Astonishing Features List


    The traditional approach of signing in to the app using the username, password or PINs are long gone. Sign in is made instantly by manipulating the social media accounts.


    Leaving the aspect of driver reviews, featured is a separate option named Driver Feedback where the rider can generate reviews in the form of texts which are accumulated for view by the admin.


    The app is associated with social sharing features where the customers can broadcast their experience on any of the social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and such.


    The user base can make use of the app to book rides in advance, the logic ensures that it will be activated at the preferred time as planned.


    We have developed the product by integrating it with Google Maps API and the functional logic related to the tracking aspect remains unparalleled. Thanks to GPS the tracking is made effectively feasible.


    The driver base can navigate through the entire database where the transactions, payment details, and the booking history are archived in a neat and organized structure providing greater insight


    Typically in some nations, some of the online payment gateways are curbed. To tackle this scenario, the architecture related to digital payment in our product is designed so that any payment gateways can be compatible with it.


    With the help of admin dashboard, the review and feedback of drivers are availed in an easy fashion. The driver base can also get comprehension related to the all inclusive rating from their associated app.

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Technology & Server Requirements

Node Js



Angular JS (Admin Panel)

Native apps



SSH Access


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About our software Miram ( LimeBike clone apps)

Miram is an ideal solution to start the e-vehicle service targeting any market. Miram is a LimeBike clone where Entrepreneurs looking forward to riding this success tide can do so with our LimeBike clone. The LimeBike clone script helps your business in a big market to target. There is still a lot more to find out in this field and the first few names will obviously become the milestones of this field. Our Limebike Clone apps is an ideal choice to go with an uprising market of e-scooter has lots of opportunities. This LimeBike clone is one of the smartly carved products from our team with very few efforts you will be ready to start your business and that too in a very short period of time. Our LimeBike clone is your chance to get the best out of us. The customization will get you the exact app of your dreams for sure.

Social Media Login

Users can log in the app directly via their social media accounts like Facebook, Google+ and others.

Search for Bikes

User can search for bikes in their nearby location and choose their e-bikes they want to ride.


After choosing the bike Barcode will be generated and displayed in our LimeBike clone application so that user can show that code to unlock the bike.

Lock the E-Bike

After user reaches the destination they can lock the bike and in a concerned place and leave.

Payment Gateway

Payment will be automatically done when user completes the ride by placing the bike and locking it. Amount will be automatically debited from users account.

GPS Integration

The advanced Global Positioning System will assist in tracking and easy path finding for users.

Review and rating

User can leave a feedback on the service which they received through the website and rate the experience as well by star rating.

Miram (LimeBike clone) for your Business

Our LimeBike clone script brings down the global carbon footprint with your very own E-BikeRiding solution. Most people look for convenience, and those who believe they have convenience look for safety. The LimeBikes clone offer both convenience and safety to the users. Users can easily pick a bike using the LimeBike clone apps from a location nearest to you. Simply unlock the bike with the LimeBike clone apps, and start riding. The best part and the most convenient aspect is that you get to pay the bills online. So, user can book a bike, unlock it and they can move. The idea behind launching LimeBike clone script was to offer an inexpensive option to the users. The company listened to the grievances posed by the user and caught on to the gaps that existed in the industry, before offering an alternative solution.

How Miram (LimeBike clone) Works?

LimeBike clone is user friendly app should direct the user towards the dock less scooter located nearby. As soon as the app is downloaded, the user should be guided towards the nearest available scooter. They should be able to identify simple ways to unlock the scooter and make it available for the ride. The easiest way to unlock the scooter is scanning the barcode. This is one way that you cannot ignore. Make sure you have incorporated this feature into your scooter app for the convenience of the users. This way they won’t have to wait for any instructions from you, and can simply unlock and start using our LimeBike clone. Ending the ride and making the payments should be hassle free. If the user wants to stop midway, there should be provision for the same, so that they can lock and complete their work.

How to earn money using Miram (LimeBike Clone)?

Like every application LimeBike clone script works on payment based system whenever users book and ride in your application our automation script calculate the distance traveled by the user and charge them accordingly so you don’t have to worry about the charge fee for the E-Bikes. Finally, the company has redefined urban mobility with the help of technology. The emission of harmful gases and the resultant effect on human has led many companies to think green. Lime is one of the few companies that wanted to offer their users free will to ride anywhere at nominal rates without falling prey to the harmful gases. With the LimeBike clone script, you not only battle the harmful gases but also the traffic congestion your customers can reach their destination on time. With mobile app, the company has added convenience and improved the usability of the transportation.


Our application comes in both android and iOS which is 100% customizable which made many startups and entrepreneurs entering into the business for the outstanding script in the industry.