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Gojek Clone - Multiple On-demand Services On One App

In a short period ever since its launch, Gojek became a prominent key player when it comes to the domain of multi-service-oriented on-demand business. Now it is termed as a "Super App" which acts as a single platform providing n number of services with relative ease as opposed to the traditional approach of using different apps for different services.

You might be inspired to launch your version of a Super App similar to Gojek. But you must also understand how costly the work involved in the development of the app is.

Here are some few factors that add up to the total pricing.

App platform:

For starts, you need to determine the OS on which your Gojek like app ought to get built. It can be either iOS or Android platform or both. Cross-platform app development is less cost consuming when compared to native app development.

App Design:

The design work helps in gathering attention to your app, thereby optimizing user traffic. If everything is rich/vibrant and also offers the best user experience and seamless navigation, then it is a great advantage that contributes to the app's success ratio. Thereby there is the cost involved in bringing out the best in UI/UX design.

Technology used:

The app must be developed by integrating it with the latest technologies related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Chatbot, The Internet of Things and Blockchain Technology. It will also contribute to the cost involved in app development.

Basic and advanced features:

The Super App will consist of a Customer (End User) App, a Delivery Personnel App, a Service Provider App and a robust Admin Panel each coming with its own unique set of features and functionalities.

Some of them include Social Media Integration, Real-Time Vehicle Tracking, Multi-Language Support, Multi-Currency, Push Notifications, Availability Toggler, Acceptance/Rejection of a Ride, Revenue Reporting, Invoice Generation, Fleet Management, Dashboard and Roles/Revenue/Wallet Manager.

Add on / advanced features consisting of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), Push Notifications, Real-Time Tracking, Real-time Call/Chat option and Business Analytics also contribute to the overall cost incurred in developing a Gojek Clone.

Other factors:

You should also contemplate choosing a freelancer or a professional mobile application development company coming with a team of skilled App Developers and Quality Analysts. Depending upon the location where the development work gets done, the pricing may vary depending upon how much is charged on an hourly basis by the freelancer or development team.

Now considering all the factors mentioned in the article, the pricing related to the development of a Gojek Clone Script will fall in the range between 30,000 USD to 50,000 USD.


That summed up, how much the total cost associated with developing an app similar to Gojek Clone App was.

A multi-service on-demand business speaks of high profits and success as you can cater to all the needs of people via a Super App.

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