Grofers Clone App For Unmatchable Business Strides

As grocery delivery services have become an essential service in this era, many stores are patterning after them, by developing advanced solutions to increase user traction and revenue. On the flip side, customers are seeking options to leverage convenience by ordering online and reducing the tiresome manual tasks.

If you wish to be a part of this booming demand, then our Grofers clone app can be of the best aid to you. Our Grofers clone script is developed with highly professed developers who have an ampleness of knowledge in crafting business-centric solutions. Alongside, since it is a white-label solution, you can customize the script to resonate with your brand, launch it on any platform of your choice which can be Web, Android, & iOS instantly, and make an impression on your niche.

Key Features of On-demand Grocery Delivery Script

Browse stores

Customers can view the different grocery stores that are registered with the app and place an order on any of them.

Add to cart

For an easy shopping experience, the app lets customers add multiple items to their cart to place the order instantly or continue choosing additional items.

Order history

The customers can view their entire order history, which includes details regarding canceled completed, paid, and processed orders.


Customers can add single or multiple grocery stores as their favorites and can also share it with their friends or families over social media platforms.

Payment options

The app comes with multiple payment gateway integrations like credit/debit cards, net banking, and e-wallets that allow customers to choose between a convenient payment mode.


Customers can choose a tip amount from the delivery providers and pay them through cash or in-app wallet.

Contactless delivery

If a customer wants the order delivery to be contactless, they can select the option for contactless delivery service, and the delivery executive will be notified of the same and follow the instructions.


Customers can share their reviews about the received delivery services or about the ordered item’s quality and let other app customers know about the service well.

Set availability

Delivery executives can choose to serve when their schedule allows. They can switch their availability for on/off service as per their needs.

In-app calls/messages

At any point of time in the delivery service, if the delivery executive needs support, he can contact the customer through the in-built chat or call feature of the app.

Referral code

The delivery agents can share the referral code with their friends/family to encourage them to join the app using code, and earn more discounts and benefits.


The GPS integration with the Grofers clone allows delivery providers to take the right and shortest route to the customer’s location and ensure on-time delivery service.

Accept/Reject request

A delivery agent can accept or reject a service request based on his convenience from the store.

Bank details

Delivery providers can add their bank details to the app and receive all the payments directly from the admin to the bank account without hassles.


The entire details of the delivery service providers earning analytics based on week, month and years can be viewed and downloaded.

Store App

12 Months Free Updates
Manage products

The grocery stores can manage their inventory using this dedicated store app and update the products list on their online panel for the customers.

36 Months Free Support
Create order

On behalf of the customer, the stores can place orders when they are aware of all the necessary information like items, customer’s address, and other details

Free Source Code

Stores can either add or remove item categories based on their strategy. They can also define multiple sub-categories for enhanced user experience.

Free Brand Removal
Delivery orders

Through the store panel, the stores can create and assign a delivery service to a delivery provider who is located in the neighborhood.

Free Installation
Product limit

Stores can set the maximum number limit of any item to a particular quantity before the customers place their order.

Free Installation
Minimum order worth

The grocery store owners can set a minimum order amount for users to place an order and to avail themselves of grocery delivery at their location.

Free Installation
Set charges

The store owners have the liberty to add and set any extra charges like delivery charges or tax or others to the total bill amount.

Admin Panel

Set profit

Have an upper hand in managing all the profit value or earnings by setting a percentage based on city, vehicle, and delivery provider.

Referrals and promo codes

Augment your brand reach by offering credits and discounts on users’ and delivery providers’ referral shares.

Manage dispatch

Dispatch the order delivery both manually or by auto-assigning the driver whenever the demand arises.

Manage delivery executives

You can edit or add the delivery providers from the list of the registered and unregistered delivery personnel and grow your business network.

Manage earnings

View all the earnings of the stores and delivery providers along with the admin earnings. You can also generate reports based on weeks, months, and years.

Manage stores

Change the store app settings like notifications, offering various login options, and also leverage the benefit to add or remove any stores whenever you need.

What Comes With Our Grofers App Clone Development Package?

  • Customer Android/iOS app
  • Customer web panel
  • Driver Android/iOS app
  • Store Android/iOS app
  • Admin panel

Why Choose Uberdoo for On-demand
Grofers Clone App Development?

Native Android & iOS apps

When we think of business growth, every single aspect of it counts. Thus we offer both native iOS and Android apps of Grofers clone as per your choice.

White-label solutions

Representing your brand is crucial to make your mark. Hence our solution can be white-labeled to remove the logo and name and revamp it to your brand entirely.

100% source code

Our promise to provide you a business-specific solution will never be failed. You will be afforded a complete source code to aid you in tweaking the code to best suit your ideology to attract potential customers.

Free bug removal support

Crafting the perfect solution is an art that we’ve always aced. But under some unfortunate circumstances, if there are any critical bugs, then we take the product under our control to make it bug or glitch-free.

Referral Campaign
On-time support

We are always at a call away to offer you expert solutions whenever you need technical or non-technical support and maintenance from our team.

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We designate a project manager exclusively who will coordinate with you throughout the app development and share every update regarding the same.

All our products are scalable, which means you could of course scale it horizontally and vertically. Our product is built to support millions of users at the same time, as it is built with a robust backend.

There are several options you could leverage from this lucrative app like commission, subscription fee, service charges, and other secondary revenue streams like banner ads, merchandise, etc.

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