Develop an App like Grab to be the Pioneer of Modern Multi-service Business

The present-day multi-service market is on an urging lookout for quality and time-to-market solutions to satisfy the growing demand. Considering the “time” factor, the best choice is an efficient and readymade clone solution. Our Grab Clone App lets you get a quick boom in the on-demand market by imparting a unique feature-set and an easy workflow that supports all levels of users.

At Uberdoo, we have an in-house team of experienced professionals with industry-grade expertise in developing clone solutions. We craft your clone in such a way that it satisfies the customers’ growing need for conveyance and daily demands.

All On-demand Services in a Single Solution

Ever dreamt of having a super app solution to meet all your business needs? Our Grab Clone solution makes it a reality by providing services from Grab Taxi Clone services to other rental services. Here are some of the on-demand services we cover.


  • Car rental
  • Bike rental
  • Taxi-hailing
  • Bike ride


  • Food delivery
  • Grocery delivery
  • Water delivery
  • Pharmacy delivery
  • Stationery delivery

On-demand Services

  • Mechanics service
  • Doctors service
  • Electrician service
  • Plumbing service
  • Catering service
  • Carpentry service
  • Babysitting service
  • Cleaners service
  • Truck service
  • Pet care service
  • Private tutors
  • Security guards

Why Go For Grab Clone?

In the modern era of digital technology, time is the most precious entity for any individual besides gadgets. Downloading and using a separate application for each and every service seems really exhausting and no person will have the patience and time for the same in the running world.

To avail a staggering range of services from a single on-demand application is the ultimate aim of every individual. Taking advantage of this situation, the multi-service businesses are explosively growing by launching online service applications that serve all the daily needs of people.

To leverage this opportunity and grow your multi-service business, there is no greater solution than Grab Clone. To plunge into the remunerative advantages of service app demands, this is the best time and to develop an app like Grab is the wisest decision to make considering the current trend.

Grab Clone App Features

Enter and dominate the on-demand market with our Grab Clone App Development services
incorporating an advanced feature-set.

Profile Settings

Customers can add or modify their profile details such as name, location, contact, etc.,

Payment options

The app comes with multiple payment gateway integrations like credit/debit cards, net banking, and e-wallets that allow customers to choose between a convenient payment mode.

Service Selection

Any of the available on-demand services in the platform can be availed by the user.

Live Tracking

To keep track of the order status or the requested service, the customer can make use of the real-time or live tracking feature.

Promo Codes

Various deals and discounts can be unlocked by the user while paying for the provided service with the help of the promo codes earned.

Book Service

By selecting their convenient date and time, the user can book a service or schedule it for a later date too.

View Bookings

The customers can view the ongoing, completed, and canceled service bookings under various service categories such as taxi, delivery, and other services.

Rate and Review

The availed service can be reviewed and rated by the customer.

Set Availability

Delivery executives can choose to serve when their schedule allows. They can switch their availability for on/off service as per their needs.

Service History

The completed, ongoing, and upcoming services and detailed information about the services/orders can be viewed by the provider under the bookings field.

Optimized Routes

For swift arrival to the service location, the providers are given Google-map-enabled route navigation options.

Service Fare

The fare for each provided service can be added or modified by the provider.

Accept/Reject Order Requests

Based on their convenience and other criteria, the providers can accept or reject the received service requests.

Order Notifications

The providers are notified with order-related information and updates with the in-app notification alerts.

Earning Details

Service providers can view their earnings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Invoice Generation

The provided services and their details such as customer, location, charges, etc., can be generated as an invoice and provided to the service provider for future reference.

Driver App


By entering the essential details and verifying documents, the driver can sign up for the service application.

In-app Chat

The driver can connect with the user/store/restaurant using this in-app functionality to clarify their queries.

Optimized Route Navigation

Most optimized routes are proffered to the drivers with Google-map integrated route navigation.

promo code

The driver can notify their availability by toggling between online and offline mode.


The earnings of the driver can be viewed and managed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

customer details
Customer Reviews

By the customers’ conferred feedback views, the drivers can improvise their performance.

Delivery Planner

Based on relevancy, an automated delivery planner tool prioritizes and shows the delivery requests to the drivers.

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Admin Panel

Intuitive Dashboard

The admin can view and manage the overall app operations by making use of a powerful dashboard.

Content Management

The application’s outlook can be modified by the admin with the help of advanced CMS integrated with the app.

Driver Management

The admin can add or remove drivers and service providers and modify their details as well.

User Management

Users’ profiles and their information can be viewed, managed, and modified by the admin based on their locations.

Service Provider Management

The admin can verify and approve service providers requesting to sign up for the application and also modify their information.

Store Management

The stores or restaurants associated with the application can be managed by the admin seamlessly using this feature.

Revenue Management

Service application’s financial data such as revenue earned, total profit, profit rate, etc., can be retrieved and viewed by the admin.

Report Generation

The generation of insightful reports and analytics helps the admin to make improvised business decisions.

Dispatch Panel

Order Details

Along with the respective customers and transaction details, the dispatchers are given detailed information about the order.

Order Booking Management

The order bookings can be easily managed by using the efficient dashboard wherein the overall orders are effortlessly managed.

Safety Assurance

Emergency requests or any potential inconvenience can be managed and resolved safely with no hindrance using this feature.

Manual Dispatch

The requests can be manually allotted through calls or emails in addition to the automated app allotments.

Fleet/Driver Management

The status and progress of the delivery agents and the vehicles can be dynamically monitored using this feature.

Store App

Order Management

The received orders, dispatch dates, canceled orders, ongoing orders, and other similar order information can be viewed and managed by the store.

Product Management

According to availability, the store managers can add or modify products and offerings available.

Store Management

The store details such as store name, location, contact details can be altered by the store managers.

Customer Management

The customers, their details, accepted and canceled orders, and others can be viewed and managed by the store manager.

Booking History

Completed orders along with their transactional details can be viewed by the store manager under the booking history field.

Driver Allotment

Store managers can manually allot a driver for delivery.

Commission Records

Based on the fulfilled orders and rejected orders, the overall earning figures can be viewed by the store manager.

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Business Merits of Choosing Grab Clone For Your Multi-service Business

Our Grab Clone serves to be an excellent platform for effortlessly running your on-demand business and it comes along with the following business merits.

  • Compatibility
  • Precise location
  • Secure shopping
  • Limitless delivery
  • Quick app deployment
  • Customer-centric features
  • All-in-one service platform
  • Electrifying business model

Why Choose Uberdoo?

We take up your vision as a challenge and build for you a Grab Clone solution that best fits all your expectations. Our developers have a long run of experience in developing dozens of clone solutions with impressive UI and top-notch features. Below mentioned are a few other benefits you gain by choosing us for your Grab Clone Development.

Prompt delivery

Free installation

Quality solutions

Domain expertise

Free white-labeling

Skilled development team

Cutting-edge technologies

Customizable clone scripts

Advanced project management tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We have a dedicated support team that offers support services post-launch to ensure there are no potential bugs or operational errors in the application.

Absolutely. Our solutions are 100% customizable and we can add or modify any services or even features based on your business-specific requests.

The cost of development depends on parameters such as add-ons, feature inclusions, code complexity, functionality complexity, etc., To get an estimated cost, connect with us and share your project requirements with our expert team.

We assign a Project Manager to every project. He is solely responsible for the project tracking and the development progress will be updated to you in every phase by the Manager. Apart from this, we enable you access to our project management tools so that you can check on the daily project updates.

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