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Flippa Clone Script

Mizar is an effecient marketplace script for buying and selling of websites, domains and apps, designed to help you build your own marketplace website similar to Flippa. Mizar is a Flippa Clone script is built using advanced technology, lets you build your own flippa like website where you can offer an interactive platform where buyers and sellers can directly communicate.

Attractive Admin dashboard

Mizar is worked with Attractive and easy to use Admin Panel that lets the administrator deal with each module from here

User Dashboard

Client can act here as a purchaser and a merchant both, so single dashboard is accommodated account the executives

Auction Management

Being a purchasing and selling stage for site and areas, Mizar empowers simple Auction the executives

Private Messaging System

Mizar gives verified Private Messaging System that lets purchasers and dealers to convey secretly

User Management

Administrator can deal with the quantity of clients which are related with the sites as a purchaser or as a vender

Website verification system

To keep away from false activities, Mizar lets administrator check the site recorded by the dealer in order to make it dependable to client

Verify Ownership

The dealer wishing to sell their site or area, needs to check their possession

Payment Gateway

Mizar is tied in with managing cash, so PayPal Adaptive Payments technique is utilized to guarantee secure exchanges happen between the purchaser and the merchant

Mizar for your Business

This Flippa clone has some special features it just encourages smooth exchanges among purchasers and venders. PayPal as default installment passage to guarantee secure exchange between the purchaser and the dealer. Further, the administrator can goes about as an Mediator among purchasers and venders to guarantee smooth exchange, Admin can manage CMS pages for entire website, Flippa Clone script incorporated with web-based social networking encourages your email crusades, propelling of online journals and so on to improve your business positioning.


Being a commercial center stage, Flippa clone apps executes commission based income. The Flippa Clone apps can procure certain level of commission from the purchasers and dealers towards the administration expenses for the stage. The purchaser here is qualified to pay the posting charge for different administration like posting space or site, posting screen captures, and so on. our Flippa Clone script are furnishing you with a content to dispatch your very own commercial center wherein you could purchase and sell sites or web related items (Mobile Apps, Domains and so on earning a high return on your investment.

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