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Doordash Clone App: To Build a Unique Food Delivery App

Which are the ways you are looking for to make an entrance into the food delivery app segment? Have you got the idea to build a commercially viable food delivery app business to leverage the industry’s profit? Then you are at the right place. Whether you are a newbie to this sector or an established business that wishes to renovate your venture in line with technological advancements, you can start accomplishing your vision with our Doordash clone.

We have a well-developed Doordash clone script that is built with the latest technology and features that will credibly drive your business forward. As it is a customizable solution, you can get your app idea transformed into a fool-proof end product with suitable feature integrations. Partner with our renowned developers’ team and focus on your business growth, while we take care of the tech part in Doordash clone app development.

Features of Our Doordash Clone Script

door dash search bar

Search bar

Users can browse through or search for any dishes or restaurants easily with powerful filters and sorting elements.

door dash wishlist

Wish list

The users can save any food products at that instant and purchase them later without having to search for them every time.

door dash real-time tracking

Real-time tracking

Users receive live status updates about the order and the location of the delivery executives apart from the estimated time report.

door dash push notification

Push notifications

The users will get regular updates regarding their order status, new discounts, arrivals, and much more from the push notifications.

door dash instructions


Users could add their opinions on food preparation with the customization options depending on the food.

door dash multiple payment options

Multiple payment options

The app allows a convenient payment process, as it is integrated with multiple payment gateways, from which users can choose according to their preferences.

door dashing app chat

In-app chat/call

Our app supports in-app voice calls or chats options to facilitate smooth communication between delivery agents and users.

door dash reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings

Allow users to rate the food ordering experience and the restaurant food, along with leaving feedback.

door cash referral code

Referral code

For every successful referral, the users can be rewarded with referral points that they can utilize for their future orders.

door dash receive reject

Accept/reject request

The delivery agents can accept or decline the request based on their preferences and availability.

door dashing app availability toggle

In-app availability toggle

Delivery agents can flag their availability status as online or offline according to their schedule and flexibility.

door dash route optimization

Route optimization

Delivery executives will be given optimized routes via Google Maps integration that have less traffic or similar blocks to enhance the delivery speed.

door dash earnings history

Earnings history

The delivery executives can assess their performance by accessing their earnings reports based on days, weeks, or months.

door dash delivery history

Delivery history

Drivers can have access to the entire history concerning their delivery service like completed, and ongoing requests.

Restaurant App

12 Months Free Updates
Social login

Restaurants can log in to the app instantly using their social media account handles and gain easy access to the Doordash clone app.

36 Months Free Support
Manage dishes

Outlet owners could manage all the dishes details they provide, either by adding, editing, or removing them whenever needed.

Free Source Code
Manage categories/subcategories

The restaurant owners can manage all their categories offering into subcategories to enhance user experience.

Free Brand Removal
Manage orders

The restaurateurs can get an entire view of all the necessary order metrics like the number of incoming orders, orders that are processed, dispatched orders, etc.

Free Installation
Order status update

With just a few clicks, the restaurant owners can update the status of their orders like received, or processed, or delivered.

Free Installation

With just a toggle, the restaurant owners can switch their availability hours or for certain food items.

Free Installation
Manage earnings

Outlet owners can get access to entire reports of their revenue over a certain period.

Admin Panel

door dash dashboard

The dashboard illustrates the entire view of the business proceedings, which you can use to perfectly manage your business.

door dash sett zone
Set zones

As an app admin, you can draw different delivery zones, and modify the delivery charges and other settings for a particular zone.

door das hadd regions
Add regions

Why restrict your food delivery business to a certain location? You can add multiple countries from the panel to augment your business reach alongside adding multiple cities.

door dash users
Manage users

Manage all the details of the users from a single panel. You can edit, add or update user rights at any time.

door dash reports
Reports and analytics

Have a graphical analysis of your business progress and strategize your next move based on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

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door dash user app
iOS/Android app
door dash web panel
web panel
door dash delivery app
Delivery personnel
iOS/Android app
door dash restaurant app
iOS/Android app
door dash admin panel
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Doordash Clone App Development Process

Our Doordash clone app development process is unique and profitable. We house dedicated teams for each phase and make use of the best development methodologies to ensure the developed Doordash clone serves you the best.

door dash concept


Our team will start collaborating with you to jot down all your requirements, visions, and expectations.

door dash planning


By scrutinizing every intricacy of your requirements, we will design a feasible plan that will comprise all deliverables and deadlines.

door dash design


Our well-versed team of innovators will come up with a creative range of UI schemes that will make a positive impact on users’ end.

door dash development


The experienced developers will start engineering a robust app architecture that unleashes the high-end performance of the app.

door dash testing


The fully developed app is then subjected to various testing techniques to make it free of any possible bugs, glitches, or vulnerabilities.

door dash launch


Once we get approval from your side, we launch the Doordash script on Android & iOS, based on your choice, for the world to use.

Why Choose Uberdoo For Doordash Script Development?

  • White labeling
  • Free installation
  • On-time delivery
  • 100% source code
  • Customizable solutions
  • In-depth market research
  • Effective work management
  • Advanced privacy and security measures
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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a feasible option for any business, as you can customize it to your brand’s name while saving time and effort from development since it is a ready-made Doordash clone solution. You can start the business instantly after tweaking it to your requirements.

Yes. We will be delighted to assist you anytime. Just give us a call when you think your business needs an upgrade, and we’ll be at your service to enhance the Doordash script.

Of course. You can start on your modification immediately since our coding structure is easy to understand.

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