Zocdoc Clone: The Benefits It Provides For Healthcare Businesses

zocdoc healthcare business

Doctors and patients need more time to focus on their work. However, with the rise in healthcare costs and digital disruption, it’s becoming harder for doctors to find quality staff near them. It is at this point that Zocdoc makes its presence felt. Zocdoc is an online platform that allows patients to see and book appointments with doctors. And it’s trendy—over 10 million people use it every month! Zocdoc is one of the best ways to ensure they get a well-trained doctor in the shortest amount of time possible.

Zocdoc is a good online healthcare service marketplace platform that allows patients to book appointments with doctors. The app is free on Android, iOS, and web platforms.

Building a Zocdoc clone for your healthcare business can have numerous benefits. Some benefits of creating such an ambitious app for the healthcare industry are explained in detail in this blog.

Market Trends of Healthcare Apps For Smartphone Users

There are numerous benefits to developing a Zocdoc clone for your healthcare business. But, before delving into details, let’s first understand the recent market trends for healthcare apps for smartphone users.

  • The popularity of mobile health apps has been on a steady rise in recent years. According to a report by Grand View Research, the global mHealth market is expected to reach $102.35 billion by 2025.
  • A report by Statista reveals that around 2.87 billion smartphone users will be worldwide by 2020. This figure is only expected to grow as more people adopt these devices in the coming years.
  • The global mHealth market was valued at USD 50.7 billion in 2021. This market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.0% from 2022 to 2030.
  • According to Statista, the global mobile health market is forecasted to grow and cross USD 300 billion by 2025.

With such a large user base, it’s no wonder that healthcare providers are increasingly looking to develop apps to reach out to patients.

Many types of healthcare apps are available at present. They include ones that allow you to book appointments and track your medical history. Also included are those that guide healthy living and manage chronic conditions. And with patients becoming more tech-savvy, healthcare providers must offer an app that meets their needs and expectations.

So, now let’s see about the various benefits that a Zocdoc clone provides for healthcare, telemedicine, and the mHealth market.

Benefits Associated With a Zocdoc Clone For the Healthcare Domain

Increased Sales For Healthcare Businesses

If you’re a physician, you know that one of the most important things for your business is increasing sales. And one way to do that is by building a Zocdoc-like app.

  • For one, it can help you attract new patients. With a clone app, you can list your practice on the platform and make it easy for patients to find and book appointments with you.
  • In addition, a clone app can also help you improve patient retention. Once patients book an appointment through the app, they’re more likely to stick with your practice since it’s so convenient.
  • Finally, a clone app can also help you boost your online presence. By being listed on a popular platform like Zocdoc, you’ll get more exposure for your business.

An effective platform like Zocdoc can help you attract new patients and grow your business. With features like online booking and appointment reminders, you can make it easy for patients to find and schedule appointments. This increased accessibility can lead to more business from both new and existing patients.

Improved Communication Between Doctors and Patients

We know that Zocdoc is a popular American health technology company that offers a free online service for scheduling doctor’s appointments. The company has been praised for its ease of use and ability to improve communication between patients and doctors.

Now, imagine if you could offer the same kind of convenience and communication-improving features to your patients. With a Zocdoc-like app, you can do it quickly!

  • Patients can use the app to easily keep track of their upcoming appointments and send messages to their doctor if they have any questions or concerns.
  • This helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that vital information isn’t missed.
  • The improved communication will lead to better overall care for the patients. Uberdoo’s Zocdoc clone app development process allows doctors to communicate directly with their patients.

Reduced Cost/Time For Healthcare Providers

The average healthcare cost in the United States is $9,146 per person. This high cost is due to various factors, including the rising price of medical care and the aging population. One way to reduce the cost of healthcare is by using a Zocdoc clone app.

  • It allows patients to book appointments with doctors and other healthcare providers online. The meaning here is that they don’t have to wait in line or on the phone to schedule an appointment. In addition, they can see doctors’ reviews before making their choice. This way, it saves time for both patients and doctors.
  • Studies have shown that patients who use these types of apps are more likely to show up for their appointments and are less likely to cancel them. This is important because missed appointments are one of the main reasons for the high cost of healthcare.
  • With a Zocdoc-like app, you can save on advertising costs as the platform will do the marketing for you.
  • In addition, the platform charges a commission only when a patient books an appointment through the app, which means you will only incur costs when generating revenue.

Overall, using a Zocdoc clone script can help reduce costs for both patients and healthcare providers.

Improved Access by Providing Online Booking And Auto Renewals

Online booking and auto-renewals are some of the top benefits of building a Zocdoc clone app for healthcare businesses. By providing these features, you can make it easier for your patients to book appointments. Further, they won’t have to undergo the hassle of making manual renewals.

A Zocdoc Clone’s Patient-friendly System

An effective and patient-friendly system is the backbone of any healthcare business. Investing in a reliable platform like Zocdoc can streamline your operations, improve patient satisfaction, and drive more business through online bookings and appointments.

With a Zocdoc clone, you can offer your patients many plus points, namely:

  • A convenient way to book appointments
  • Complete access to their medical history
  • Ability to track their health progress.

This will help increase patient engagement and loyalty toward your healthcare business.
By making it easy for patients to find and book appointments with their doctor, you can encourage them to be more engaged in their healthcare.

Patients who have a positive experience with your healthcare business are more likely to come back and recommend you to others. By making it easy for them to book appointments and access their medical records online, you can create a better experience that improves patient satisfaction. This can increase brand loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing for your healthcare business.

24×7 Support

Building a Zocdoc clone has many benefits, but one of the best is that you can offer 24×7 support to your users. This means that they can book appointments anytime, day or night. They don’t have to worry about calling or being put on hold during office hours. You can always be there for them when they need you most.

This level of customer service will surely win you some loyal users who will keep coming back. You’ll be ahead of the game if you can offer something that your competitors can’t.

Customization Based on Client Needs

One of the most appealing aspects of a Zocdoc clone script is the ability to customize the app based on your specific client needs. You can easily add or remove features, change the appearance, and set your price options to attract new patients and keep existing ones happy.

A Zocdoc clone script is an excellent way to grow your healthcare business. With its customizable features, you can attract new patients while providing exceptional care.

Optimized Efficiency

With all your appointment information in one place, it’s easier to stay organized and run your practice more efficiently. Also, automated reminders can help reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations. You can automate many time-consuming tasks associated with running a healthcare business. This will free your staff to focus on providing quality care to patients.

Another great advantage is the ability to track patient appointment data. This information can be used to improve your overall marketing strategy and better target potential patients. Additionally, you can use patient feedback to improve the quality of your service continually.


If you’re in the healthcare industry, there are many good reasons to consider building a Zocdoc clone. From improving patient care to reducing costs, a well-designed app can significantly impact your business. So, if you’re considering starting a healthcare business, consider building a Zocdoc clone app. It’s a great way to make money and provide a valuable service to your community.

With a highly experienced Zocdoc clone app development team like Uberdoo in place, you can create an app that provides a great user experience and delivers everything you need. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build a successful healthcare app.

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