Why Uber for X model is the best lucrative business at present

Uber-like start-up models have started to fill up every nook and corner of the on-demand service domains be it Entertainment, Food Delivery, Transportation, Education and Lifestyle.

All these start-ups are associated with the Uber for X business model where they follow the business model of the Uber transportation giant. This model has got much traction where a lot of venture capitalists and business people are investing millions of dollars in this domain.

Uber is a pioneer in ride-hailing where people can book a ride with a few clicks of the smartphone, and it has revolutionized the entire taxi industry where one can use a mobile app built with the state-of-the-art technologies to book a taxi from anywhere and anytime easily. There is an app for the users, the drivers and the admins as well. After Uber became very popular, the Uber for X model was conceptualized, where it made things a lot easier for people to get services requested and completed with relative ease.


Challenges associated with Uber for X

However, there are some issues where the Uber business model is facing some challenges. However, the Uber Model has solved these problems by transaction/price automation, service standardization and instantaneous delivery of all the services.

Featured below are some reasons as to why Uber for X business model is the right fit.


Standardization to search and buy:

A good example is online food delivery services. There are limitless eateries around you and the Food Delivery Apps help in aggregating all the eateries under a single platform based on which you can easily choose for different menu, cuisine and eateries included.


Post selection, you can make the payment for the food via a plethora of payment options. You are notified regarding everything in real-time right from the start till the end when the food gets delivered. This is pertinent regarding every service embracing the Uber model.

Instantaneous action in delivery:

Everybody’s life is super busy, where there is very little time to take care of all the household chores. Let’s see the example of food delivery start-ups once more. Is there anyone who would not be enticed by a service that delivers yummy food from their favourite eateries in a matter of minutes? The answer is, evidently no. This is applicable for laundry, handyman, home tuition and much more where there everything gets accomplished immediately.


A huge sum of money is invested by start-ups so that the services to the customers are finished as much quick as possible. Featured are a lot of creative solutions which serves to reinforce the supply chain, which is impacting the delivery time.


Standardized services:

Before registering and approving any service provider in the on-demand service business domain, much work has to be done that includes background verification, document/ license check and the assessment of the service quality as well. Those who want on-demand services are ascertained of the best quality thanks to the related admin.

Users can also scrutinize the ratings and reviews which are provided for every service provider.


Lacking in innovation:

Innovation is the need of the hour as without a lot of services and enterprises become stuck for a very long time, and cant makes progress where the general people face great hurdles in accessing them. For instance, in the taxi industry, earlier it was a different scenario where you have to wait for a taxi and wave for one. The fare for the ride will be known only in the end, and it is not complete without bargaining. Uber came at the right moment to add something fresh and innovative for the taxi business.

Uber for X model is something that must be infused with innovation so that the lives of people are made much more easy and simple.





The long-established and traditional industries will be left behind if they don’t accept the Innovation and adapt to the ever-changing business requirements. They can embrace the marketplace model of on-demand service business to taste success.

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