Why it is of utmost importance to launch a Gojek clone solution immediately

The COVID-19 pandemic has enshrouded the world, and its ramifications are enormous. Stock markets are negatively impacted, educational institutes like schools/colleges have been shut down. The global economy is in a state of turmoil and disorder.

Due to the pandemic and the lockdowns, people are confined to their homes, and they fear the risk of contracting the virus if they step out. This situation has paved the way for greater demand in delivery services related to food, grocery and medical-related needs. Electronic consultations are also seeing an upsurge because of the contagion.

In these rough times, you as an entrepreneur can help the people from across the globe by wielding the power of a multi-service super app similar to the Indonesian based Gojek. With such a mobile application, you are assuring people that they can get whatever they want to be delivered right to their doorsteps. Also, you can promote the importance of social distancing by enabling features like “Zero Contact Delivery”.

Let us take a glimpse at some in-demand services of a Gojek Clone which can combat the menace of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Food delivery:

It is the primary thing which people confined to their homes mainly need. Getting the necessary and essential food orders delivered to them through options like delivery outside their homes or pick up locations will serve to be useful and beneficial.

You can add some innovative touch by integrating a feature where the user has to upload the picture of spots where the food order should get delivered. It will be good enough to allay the fears of getting infected by coming in contact with all the delivery personnel.

Grocery delivery:

For those who do not prefer food ordered from eateries, they like food products and grocery items to be delivered. Since they are not in a position to travel to the grocery store fearing the risk of contracting the disease, your Gojek clone will serve to be of immense benefit to them. Thereby grocery delivery is another essential on-demand service that is seeing growth when it comes to popularity in the present times.

Medicine / Pharmaceutical delivery:

You can also come to the aid of older people and patients who are in the continuous need for medications, and this service is in great demand in times like now. In the same way as food delivery, you can provide them with options to get the medicines delivered to a given location or right at their doorsteps.

Healthcare service:

It is an incredibly risky venture for going to doctor consultation in person for any ailment or illness. People can consult physicians via chats and video calls all from a mobile app, and this is an innovative approach.

You can realize the same via your Gojek clone app to greatly aid people through teleconsultation. By using the means of online communication, people can get connected with clinicians and seek their medical advice. It will also play a more significant role in curbing the menace of rumours and other baseless news.

These are some essential services that are in great demand seen the present scenario, so it is a smart move to provide people with an all-encompassing multi-service app as opposed to the development of an only app for each type of on-demand service. It will serve to be a platform to accomplishing everything seamlessly and smoothly much to the station of the users.


These multi-service on-demand apps also provide simplicity and ease of use, and they are the current vogue in the market for entrepreneurs to capitalize. Their popularity is at its zenith, and this will continue for several years to come all across the globe, seeing that more people are now using the power of smartphones and the internet combined.

A Gojek clone comes packed with everything to serve as a multi-service providing super app, and it is well suited to provide the users with an all-encompassing shopping experience that will make them coming back for more.

As a businessperson, you can leverage this opportunity broadly where your aim to generate greater profits is realized soon enough.

You are welcome to use Uberdoo’s robust Gojek clone script to optimize your pre-existing on-demand service business or start a new one instantly. It features the functionalities of several applications encompassed in a single platform. Any on-demand services and ‘n’ number of such services can be integrated with the solution.

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