Why choose a Swiggy Clone for your Online Food Delivery Business?

Spice up Your Food Delivery Business with Swiggy Clone App

Food delivery applications such as Swiggy are creating huge strides in the food delivery business. These services ease the users’ lifestyle and are highly preferred by a wide range of audiences, given the pandemic situation. The convenience offered by this service is setting trends in the 21st century. To expand your business and sustain itself in the food delivery business, it is necessary to develop an on-demand food delivery app

If you are trying to enter the food delivery market and align with the market trends, then Swiggy Clone Script is the one you should be choosing. To set off a feature-rich, simple and responsive food delivery application, Swiggy Clone is your best bet. Wondering why is that so? Before we get into that, let us see what are the elements to be noted when we are up to build an online food delivery application.

#1 Pick a Suitable Swiggy Clone Script Business Model

To develop an online food delivery app, firstly you should decide on which business model best suits your business requirements. Let us see what are the categories of models and how they function.

  1. Online Food Ordering System
  • This is the simplest business model of all three.
  • Through this model-built app, the customer can order food online with their smartphones effortlessly. 
  • Once ordered, the restaurant receives the order details and the rest of the delivery process will be taken care of by the restaurant. 
  • This model aims at replacing orders via call.

2. Online Food Ordering and Delivery System

  • This model is similar to the normal Swiggy working i.e, the customer places the order, the restaurant accepts the order and assigns a delivery agent to deliver the order, the agent accepts the request and delivers the order to the customer location.
  • It offers quick ordering and delivery of food along with customers able to track the order status lively.
  1. Integrated System for Standalone Restaurants & Chains
  • The food integrated business model is popular among a few food businesses and restaurants that have a big customer base.
  • Through this system, the customer orders the food, the order will be verified, prepared, and delivered to the customer by the restaurant.

Among the three business models mentioned, the one that satisfies your business needs must be analyzed and chosen.

#2 The Stakeholders of Swiggy-like Apps

The Swiggy business model comprises four user ends, each facing a different stakeholder. 

  • Customer

The customers face the customer-end application through which they can search their favorite restaurants and menu, order food, and track their order status.

  • Restaurant

The restaurant or the restaurant manager faces the restaurant-end of the application through which the restaurant can manage received orders, prepare orders and assign the order delivery to associated delivery executives.

  • Delivery Executive

Through the delivery person-end of the application, the executive can receive their order requests, delivery details, and get route navigation for the restaurant and the customer locations.

  • Admin

The admin-facing end allows the admin to monitor and manage the overall business functioning through the food delivery application.

#3 Fascinating Features

To improve the user experience and grab the attention of huge masses, the Swiggy Clone must be incorporated with a set of key features corresponding to each user-end. The below mentioned are the user-specific features that are a must-add for your online food delivery service app development.

1. Customer Application

  • Live Tracking

The GPS integration with the Swiggy Clone Script allows the user to track the order status in real-time and get instant order updates.

  • Search and Filter

Nearby restaurants and desired cuisines can be filtered and searched by the customer.

  • Categorization

The customers can choose their favorite food item from a diverse range of categorized menus listed in the application.

  • Multiple Payment Options

Order payments can be made through any of the available payment gateways such as card payment, e-wallets, Netbanking, and so on. 

  • Rate and Review

The delivery executive’s service and the food quality can be given with rated and reviewed by the customer.

2. Restaurant Application

  • Availability

The restaurant receives order requests when online. Availability can be notified to the customers by setting online or offline.

  • Promo Codes

Promo codes with attractive deals and discounts can be provided by the restaurant for the customers.

  • Order Status

Restaurants can switch the statuses of an order according to the order’s progress such as order acceptance, confirmation, arrival time, delivery, etc.,

  • Real-time Tracking

The provider’s live locations can be tracked by the restaurants by using the real-time tracking system.

3. Delivery Executive Application

  • Delivery Agent Availability

The executives can switch between active and inactive based on their availability. Delivery requests will be received when the executive is active.

  • Delivery Details

Detailed information about the order request including delivery location, restaurant location, and so on will be received by the agent when an order request is accepted.

  • Accept/Reject requests

The executive can accept or reject an order request according to their convenience.

  • In-app calls/chats

Order-related queries can be clarified with the restaurant and the customer via the in-app chat/call feature.

  • Earnings Gained

The delivery executives can view their earnings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

4. Admin Panel

  • Discount Management

Including the restaurant-provided discounts, the admin can add additional offers to the customers to enhance sales.

  • Customer Management

The admin can view and manage all the customer details that are registered in the application.

  • Restaurant Partners

The list of restaurant partners can be viewed, modified, and managed by the admin with respect to their commission rates.

  • Delivery Executive Management

The providers associated with all the restaurants and their contact details can be viewed and managed by the admin.

  • Payment Options

Multiple payment options such as card payments, in-app wallets, net banking can be made use of by the admin.

  • Earnings

The admin can view the earnings of the site, restaurants, and delivery agents.

Why Swiggy Clone for Online Food Delivery Business?

Having known the necessary elements to be considered while developing the Swiggy-like app, now let us have an insight into the benefits stating why Swiggy Clones should be chosen for your online food delivery business.

  1. Low Investment
  • The Swiggy Clone development requires only less capital investment.
  • This investment is just for the integration of features and it doesn’t need any initial investments to be spent on buying equipment or inventory items.
  1. Low Maintenance
  • Development and testing costs are lowered.
  • The maintenance of the application also requires a very low-cost post-launch.
  1. Simple App Development Plan
  • With just having ideas about the application you wish to build, the food delivery app can be developed.
  • All you need to do is approach the best app development company and share your ideas which they’ll technically structure and hand over to you as a full-blown application.
  1. Customized Dashboard
  • The intuitive dashboard lets the admin look over the whole application engagement and the functions.
  • This fully functional dashboard helps businesses to improve the future expansion of their business.
  1. High Demand for Food Delivery App
  • With the rising popularity of food delivery app services, on-demand food delivery apps are massively demanded.
  • This need favors the food delivery business owners to make good ROI from Swiggy Clone with a very low investment.
  1. Contactless Deliveries
  • To ensure the safety of the user, the app has infused contactless deliveries.
  • The delivery person will leave the order in a sanitized spot after which the customer can collect it.
  1. Safety Badges
  • Another safety feature is the safety badgers given to the restaurants and the delivery agents.
  • This is to indicate to the customers that these badge owners follow all the safety protocols effectively.
  1. Order Takeaways
  • The application allows store pick-up options to the customer.
  • The user can conveniently order the food online and take the order directly from the restaurant.

Wrap up

Food delivery applications are playing an essential role in people’s lives. If developing a food delivery application is your goal, then Swiggy App Clone is your solution. Check out the mentioned features and models and decide how your application should look like and what features and add-ons you wish to add to them. Propel your food delivery business by getting a demo of our industry- best Swiggy Clone by our On-demand App Development Company today!

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