Why an Online Grocery Delivery Business will succeed in the Pandemic

We have known how COVID-19 has affected the entire planet. It has severely and negatively impacted the economies across the world. However, one sector known as the online delivery platform is gaining more prominence in terms of demand and has also witnessed tremendous growth in popularity, particularly during this grim time.

It is attributed to the fact that people are reluctant to step outside their homes for purchasing essentials due to the fear of contracting the virus.

So, this is the right time for entrepreneurs to invest in a Grofers clone mobile app solution seeing that it acts as an effective and highly reliable online delivery platform. Every essential will get delivered safely concerning well-being and hygiene.


Let’s see some statistics related to the upsurge in demand for Grofers like applications:

  • A research conducted by Coresight revealed that the global online related grocery sales saw a growth amounting to 19% in 2019, and this is forecasted to grow at the rate of 40% by this year-end.
  • Coresight also conducted a consumer poll which revealed that when evaluated with the last two years, more than double the number of people, i.e. 52 % of people opted for online grocery deliveries.
  • Almost 35% of the people who carry out online purchases, but even more grocery stuff due to the Pandemic.
  • The enormous growth related to online grocery delivery is forecasted to be valued at a staggering $38 billion. Coresights revealed that this was because people are now stockpiling the essentials due to the Pandemic.
  • Grofers saw a 60% upsurge when it came to gross merchandise value ever since the Pandemic started.


Listed below are the reasons for the massive demand in Online Grocery Delivery Apps

(a)     Elimination of queues and check-out counters

People typically detest the aspect of standing in long lines of a queue at every billing section. Grofers and other such delivery apps help the people in removing queues and wait times as the purchases are made seamlessly without any delays. They are also notified at every phase with the status of the order.

(b)     Comparing and then Buying the product

It is indeed a tiresome process to compare and buy products when we opt for conventional and regular practices. However, with the Online delivery mobile apps, they include beneficial features to search and compare the products before purchasing them.

(c)     Instantaneous Delivery

With Grocery delivery apps, people can order and get the items delivered within the same day itself. The delivery of the orders can also be tracked in real-time as well. It also helps in saving a considerable deal of time that was otherwise wasted through conventional shopping practices.

(d)     Discounts and Offers

The grocery delivery apps provide coupons along with various deals and offer now and then to entice the user base. Moreover, users can also get discounts if they opt for referral programs and refer others to use the application.

The Immense Benefits of Grocery Delivery Apps amidst this Pandemic:

These online delivery apps collect and deliver the essentials only within the safe zones to reduce the chances of virus transmission.

Post packing, all the orders are entirely sprayed with disinfectants. The delivery personnel also take the precautionary measures by abiding with the no contact rule with the customers when it comes to getting things delivered. Here firstly the app updates the user when the order has arrived, and then the order will be placed at their doorsteps by the delivery agents. Thus, the zero-contact rule is enforced strictly.

If you integrate these highly beneficial practices in your Online Grocery Delivery Application, then it could be a massive hit in terms of demand, particularly during this COVID-19 times. This is because you are emphasizing the fact that you are prioritizing the safety of the users above everything.


Thanks to Grofers and other such online grocery delivery apps, people are happy to see essential delivered without the risk of contracting the Coronavirus in the first place. These apps have become a saviour in offering the needed top-quality essentials on time and thus have become a suitable choice of grocery purchase.

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