What you should know about Uber for X development

The on-demand service sector is facing a massive boom in terms of income and popularity. It can be attributed to the ever-increasing demand of the user base along with their trust. Previously on-demand services were limited to ride-hailing, but now it has seen an explosion in growth in several domains.


On-demand multi-service mobile apps like Uber for X serve to bond the customers and the providers together where everything is delivered right to their doorsteps. This article will throw a great deal of enlightenment on how you can build an app similar to Uber for X.


Multi-service apps, as their name implies, provides a multitude of on-demand services to the user base. In contrast, single service app is limited to only a unique service. Ride-hailing services, in the beginning, served to help customers facing issues in transit, and it was seen as a danger to the existence of traditional taxi businesses. But it began to show its worth by providing people with what they wanted.


Below listed are some benefits associated with developing a Uber for X like app which is associated with multiple services.


(i) The user base will get to access all the essential services associated daily from a single platform.

(ii) The cost involved in the development of a multi-purpose application doesn’t vary much when associated with the development of single-purpose apps.

(iii) The Uber for X like app is consistently updated with state-of-the-art technologies to satiate the needs of the customer.


Let us see some astounding facts related to Uber for X.


  • Ever since its beginning, the super app has raised a funding amount which is more than $1 billion, and its value is calculated to be around $10 billion.


  • In the first month, Uber for X metric money score, which was 4.4 surged to 16.4 in the following month.


  • Uber for X is at current offering services in South-east Asia, including the countries like Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. It’s planning on expansion to even more countries.


  • Uber for X recruits creative youngsters who can satiate the requirements of the modern customer base.


  • Presently featuring over 2 million drivers, the super app manages over 100 million transactions where more than 25 million users avail the application.


  • It encompasses ride-hailing, food ordering/delivery and 18 more essential services.


Uber for X has motivated a vast number of aspiring entrepreneurs from across the globe to jump into the fray and taste phenomenal success by establishing themselves in this lucrative market. However, managing a multi-service application isn’t a piece of cake. So getting sound knowledge related to the hurdles involved will help a great deal in getting prepared to overcome them and achieve success. Let’s see them below.


(a) Enlarging the customer base


At present, many are familiar with on-demand services seeing that a lot of enterprises are providing the same type of services. If you get understanding on what are the needs of the user and where precisely the other rivals in the market are falling behind, you are then ascertained of success. The users in the incentive whom you charm largely contribute to the success of yours. The main reason why a majority of aspiring enterprises fail is due to the adoption of poor marketing strategies. Thereby keep in mind to embrace and adopt an innovative branding strategy related to your multi-service on-demand application.



(b) Customer service:


It is another essential aspect which proves to be vital enough for your success. Despite having a higher user engagement, the business will end up as a failure if there is substandard customer service. It is relatively simple to provide excellent customer service with the help of a robust team that is organized. Although it might be a little bit cost consuming to develop a sound IT infrastructure, it will prove to be effective in the long term as your brand will establish a specific identity.




The on-demand service market is having a bright future ahead when it comes to growth and ever-increasing demand.

Creating an on-demand multi-service mobile application will be a challenging venture. However, if you approach a reliable Uber for X apps development company like Uberdoo, our team of highly experienced developers will take care of everything for you. You are welcome to share your special innovative features with us, which will help in making your mobile app that exceptional from the others. We will help you with everything to make your business flourish well enough in the highly competitive market.


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