What are some of the important features related to optimizing your Taxi Business

There are immense benefits associated with ride-hailing services that provide a plethora of options related to budget, the destination and the time. Uber Clone app solutions are omnipresent across the world where they are featured in the smart-phones of users. Uber, the catalyst behind ride-hailing services have become indispensable to the people who are spending a lot of time in travels, and this is the aspect that keeps the demand of these ride-hailing apps at an all-time high.


So now we will look at the features which make these app solutions red-hot in demand.


  • The Rider App

The Rider app will help in satiating almost all expectations of the riders. It can be used by a rider to select the vehicle of his preference.


  • Travel in groups

When we speak about Group Travels, they are a very economical solution that saves time and the cost and fuel consumption. It is a beautiful feature that is hard to resist by the typical rider. One can access great deals which will be user-friendly when we speak about savings. A nice feature here is what we call as ‘Share Pass’ which serves as a boon for typical commuters.


  • Saving the Destinations

This is an advanced feature that proves its immense advantage, especially in hectic hours. It helps in speeding up the typical booking processes, and the journey included. It finds its usage in typical rides. If the rider saves the locations of the residential or office address or even one’s favourite movie theatre, the rider much to his/her amazement will be immediately provided with location suggestions.


  • Booking Rides in advance

To schedule a ride in the future related to a business trip or seeing a relative or catching a flight, it is better to schedule everything a few minutes ahead. This will prove beneficial for the riders where it will cost them only a small amount of money besides.





  • Sharing the precise and updated ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

This feature will help update the rider’s arrival time and status, which can then be shared with friends or relations to keep them updated regarding the riders’ arrival and present status.


  • Multiple Payment Options

Aside from what we call payment via cash, the riders can be provided with several online payment modes that are very scalable and flexible. They are robustly secured and carry out instantaneous transactions. This can be via Credit/Debit card payment, eWallets and other such options.



  • The Driver App


With this app, the driver can be associated with his/her customers, who are the riders. For this, it should feature everything to provide the most excellent services.



  • Robust GPS Trackers & Direction-enabler

A driver typically needs access to distant locations and directions. With regards to this, a powerful internet connection/mobile data plan and a robust GPS tracker are the need of the hour.


  • Fuel-Finders

Using the GPS tracker, the driver can locate and get directions to the nearby fuel station. This serves to be very advantageous for drivers who are in a new area.


  • Tuning the Music

Nowadays, a lot of the ride-hailing apps are offering every driver an entertainment in the form of soothing music which will lighten the mood of the drivers and keep them both relaxed yet alert at the same time.






To develop a good taxi booking app solution, it is mandatory to have everything processed with the best and state-of-the-art features to ease both the riders and drivers’ work. The key to the successful ride-hailing business lies in the best implementation of digitized features that simplify everything the end-user ultimately needs.


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