Useful practices that strengthen the success of your UberEats Clone solution

Food ordering/delivery mobile apps have become quite a popular trend among everyone owning a smartphone in this pandemic era of 2020. This is because, in light of the pandemic, no one wants to venture out of their homes due to the risk of getting the highly infectious coronavirus contracted. But at the same time, they don’t want to miss out their favourite dish or cuisine. That is where the food delivery mobile apps have come to the rescue as a saviour for food lovers and gourmets of all ages.

UberEats, DoorDash, Jumia and Swiggy are raking in astronomical revenues. This shows the dominance of the food delivery apps, and now if you want to accomplish similar success, you can do so with the help of a robust UberEats clone solution that is customized according to your requirements and goals as an entrepreneur.

You can make it simple enough for eateries to provide cuisines from across the world to the food lovers via an integrated platform that links the eateries, the foodies and the delivery professionals.

However, before venturing further, you must know the important tips that contribute to the success of a food delivery app like UberEats Clone. We will speak about them now.


(i). Advanced and smart Search Filters:

The search bar of the mobile app must be sophisticated enough to display eateries associated with a given location. Then, the users can search based on cuisine, vegetarian/non-vegetarian preferences, reviews and ratings. After that, the app should display only relevant results based on the criteria and preferences specified.


(ii) Simple to use UI & the best UX:

Ensure that the interface must help the users in finding restaurants, cuisines, menu, order statuses and other types of statuses via a rich layout. Integrating the contact information in advance can assist the food lovers, the delivery executives and the restaurants to associate and get in touch with one another at any time. Post receiving an order, the users must be easily able to upload their feedback and ratings.


(iii) Integration of robust payment gateways:

Aside from cash on delivery, the UberEats clone solution must provide a multitude of digital payment options like online credit/debit card payment, eWallets, UPI and net banking. When integrating them, ensure that they are all strongly secure from hackers and that they facilitate instant payments by the customers. This applies to the restaurants as well where they can send/receive payments and for the delivery professionals in receiving payments. Every transaction must be carried out safely.



(iv) Offers and Discounts:

Speaking of saving money, the online food delivery apps must offer the best and enchanting discounts much to the delight of customers which otherwise would have costed a more when paying a visit to the restaurant. Offers and discounts will help the restaurants in optimizing sales. Also, make sure to integrate a robust calculator to calculate the final price when the order is big and if there are some discounts associated with that order.


(v) Optimal use of Push Notifications:

Push Notifications will help the delivery executives to be consistently updated regarding a given order and where exactly it has to be delivered. It also helps the restaurants in being updated with the current location of the delivery executives and if the order had been delivered successfully or not. For the customers, it is important in helping them know if the restaurant has either accepted or declined the order and other notifications include displaying the payment regarding the order, the Estimated Time of Arrival and the delivery executive status.


(vi) Handling multiple orders at once:

The market is now filled with rivals that provide route optimization solutions and thereby running the business with only an affordable price model is not a wise decision to withstand the fierce vying. The best move here is to manage several orders at a speedy delivery pace.

This can help to gain the competitive edge as on-time & instant delivery is what the customers expect to be satiated with aside from offering delicious dishes and affordable menu prices. This will help you to service the competition from all sides.




Those were some handy tips that will fuel the growth of a food delivery app solution when it comes to popularity. But at present, it is also important to integrate the application with some safety precautions so that the delivery personnel and the customers are shielded from the infection of the COVID-19 virus. Such practices include a mask recognition software, a software to regulate the use of gloves and sanitizers as well as a feedback system specifically to report if safety norms were flouted or not by the delivery executives.



To get the best safety ensured and feature-rich food delivery app solution, you can approach the highly experienced team of Uberdoo. We can get a robust UberEats clone developed with modifications/ customizations suiting your requirements and needs at a cost-effective price. We use technologies like Swift, Java, React JS, Node JS, PHP and MySql to bring the best out of your ideas.


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