Uber’s Ventures To Get Back Its Operating License In London

Uber on Friday filed an appeal to a court so as to quash the verdict which London’s transport executive succeeded in generating related to barring the taxi app from operating in London, which is its most vital European market. This move is supposed to be the initial move related to what could be a long legal war between both the parties.


The executives at Transport for London made the stunning news last month that Uber was not worthy enough to operate its ride-hailing business in London and denied to renew the license for its operation. The main reason behind this move by the former was in line with its task of reporting serious misdemeanors and conducting background checks on the driver base.


As aforementioned this appeal is the first battle in the supposedly long legal war which is taking place between London and Uber the latter of which is well known for venturing into brand new markets that feature intense vying in the market.

The hearing supposed to be held on 11th December will have supporters from Uber including Goldman Sachs and BlackRock to defend the ride-hailing giant.


Uber was subject to criticism by the Mayor of London who accused it of creating an army of both PR experts and lawyers as well. Uber noted that further discussions will be carried out with TfL to reach a resolution.


An Uber spokesperson reported that although an appeal was registered to ensure that the London citizens could avail Uber’s service, it would also focus on talks with Transport for London authorities. Further added was that the new CEO of Uber wants to sort out everything and resume normalcy.


UBER CEO Dara Khosrowshahi had held talks with TfL executive Mike Brown in the earlier days of this month which was related to the San Francisco based on the efforts made by the ride-hailing giant valued at $ 70 billion in order to strengthen its rapport with TfL.


The operating license of Uber in London terminated on September 30th. However, the Uber drivers should be able to continue their services until there is a change in the appeals process.

The appeal was given to Westminster Magistrate’s Court in London which will be the first step of a long-lasting process before reaching a resolution. The timeline varies from months to even years.


The move enforced by London has impacted the ride-hailing service pretty badly. Earlier Uber had to cease its operation in many countries encompassing Denmark and Hungary. It was also rocked by several lawsuits filed against it from several states of USA and globally as well.


Alongside was another misfortune for Uber where Travis Kalanick the former CEO and co-founder of the brand quit his responsibility amidst mounting pressures from the boardroom. The last few months have indeed been rough for Uber.


In the beginning of this month, the top ranking executive of Uber’s Britain branch Jo Bertram supposedly announced that she will also quit Uber.


In addition, to add to the woes of Uber, it is involved in legal proceedings related to two drivers who won a case previously sanctioning them to certain rights like minimum wages and holiday entitlement. This could have shaken Uber’s functioning and Uber at the moment is appealing against the verdict.


In response, TfL noted that it wont disclose anything prior to the licensing appeal hearing.


Mr. Khan who is also a chairman of TfL noted that it would back the resolution related to licensing and also that every rules and regulation must be abided by the private hire establishments

Two days back he noted that the transport authority will surely defend its stance regarding the decision when the legal action is taking place.

He concluded that the courts will surely take up the appeal as processed by Uber and that TfL will surely defend its perspective which it has taken up.


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