Uber’s Ventures To Be More Driver Friendly

Related to its ambitious ‘180 days of change’ campaign, Uber has integrated and assimilated a plethora of new features related to the driver base. It encompasses round the clock live phone support, speedy patches associated with fare calculation errors and the safeguarding features associated with bad ratings which stem from reasons beyond the control of the driver. Also encompassed is the addition of payments related to the trips for returning lost rider items.

Some updates encompassing the driver review impact protections, were subject to inception long back when Uber announced that its major upheaval related to tackling and handling the negative criticism associated with the driver base. Related to driver abandonment which is high in the case of Uber as per sources like Uber Driver App installation and usage metrics, Uber has noted that it should and must implement innovative and impressive alterations and modifications to ensure that the driver base is satiated and content.

The initial venture related to this campaign was focused on the inception of tipping in the Uber App which was activated last week across the whole nation of United States. This attribute has been very much requested by the driver base in the past and Uber’s rival Lyft has integrated and incorporated this tipping aspect into its app a long time ago.

As of the present, six additional attributes are subject to inception in the app as noted in an email from Uber executives Rachel Hold and Aaron Schildkrout.

The revamping encompassing round the clock phone support can be instantly accessed by the driver base when using the Driver App and it helps in syncing the driver base to a support personnel in less than a timeframe of 2 minutes, speedy patch up associated with fare calculation blunders, insurance against bad reviews which are due to reasons beyond the driver’s control, charges for returning a lost item which is fixed at 15 dollars per each item, speedy and rapid scrutinization of documents encompassing the driver’s license and insurance documents and also person to person meetings at the brand’s Greenlight Hubs which are arranged and scheduled beforehand .

This is just the tip of the iceberg related to the various updates which Uber promises to fulfill in the ambitious campaign lasting 180 days. Even more, changes are anticipated to roll out pretty soon. This serves as an effective means to tackle the abundant issues related to the Uber driver experience which has plagued the brand in the past. The venture is seen to be a bold and productive move to reinforce the bonding associated with Uber and customer syncing.