Uber’s venture to electrify its rides in London

Uber London has added insight regarding its venture to promote emission-free vehicles in the city thereby being in terms with the city’s yet to be launched transport rules and guidelines which aim for a pollution free environment in the bustling metropolis. Currently, the governing body has put forward an ambitious proposal which regulates that all the private vehicles which operate by providing ride-sharing services to be emission-free in 2 years time as a proposed target. Another ambitious venture which London hopes to realize is to make the city to be associated with 100% emission-free vehicles by the turn of 2050.

Speaking about other ventures, the ride-hailing giant Uber seeks to electrify all its associated vehicles operating under the platform in London by 2025. Also incorporated is the proposal to ensure that the total fleet of its cars which provide services under the uberX criterion will be transfigured into completely electric or hybrid vehicles by 2019. The proposal seems to be very ambitious as it is evident that Uber does not have the power or authority to swap its existing fleet of cars as it does not have one in possession. Alternatively, it has to ensure steps to promote galavanizing and stimulating its driver base.

Provided the brand new rules and guidelines are approved and launched, the encouragement provided will be nudged forward to implement the process and operations. Uber, further has promoted funding for anyone who wishes to transfigure and revamp their existing vehicles into a hybrid or an electric version. Related to the norms it is estimated to be 5000 pounds which is equivalent to $ 6604. Further, the ride-hailing giant is granting the citizens in London an Uber credit valued at 1,5000 pounds (which is equivalent to $1981) provided they call it quits to their existing and archaic diesel vehicles.

Taking the facts into an overall consideration, Uber plans to commit a sum of more than 150 million pounds (which is approximately $ 200 million) related to funding. However, this venture branched out from the traditional approach of seeking funds from prevailing sources. It is going to levy a hike of 0.35 pounds for the rider base from the city so that it can easily make the payment related to the major upheaval. It is signified that proper teamwork can achieve this and any big proposal.