Uber’s Venture into Trucking Business as Uber Freight App

Uber after having made a name for itself with regards to ride hailing services where it commutes people from one place to another has plunged into the world of goods transportation operated across the entire nation.

With the advent of the Spring Season, the ride hailing giant made an app named Uber Freight subject to inception where it permits truck drivers to be involved in the pickup and transportation of goods. The state of Texas has assumed a major responsibility with regards to promoting testing and experimentation of the app in the routes comprising between Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston prior to its official launch.

Jeff Ogren an executive at Uber Freight made it clear that the potential in the state’s massive trucking service has proved to be an important launch pad to initiate the service where it is evident that more than 14% of the nations freight services are associated with Texas.

Texas has been responsible for the progress of Uber’s novice and novel business. It is revealed that Uber Freight’s driver base and loads are based to a substantial level in Texas.

This revolutionary and novice enterprise proposal debuted at a time when brands were contemplating the future related to the truck business and automation. However, business experts argue that the San Francisco based brand has to provide a unique experience and offering to a domain which has already used up its maximum potential and has to enthrall the truck driver base who will be dubious to trust a new venture.

Mike Ramsey from Gartner states that the plunge into this new app of Uber serves to influence and control the technology which predicates its previous ventures related to enterprises with ride-hailing and food delivery. He further added that this new business will serve to augment productivity for the future with the integration of automation. Uber’s passion related to becoming a transportation brand from a technological brand is quite signified he added.

Ramsey noted that Uber encompasses the competitive edge related to brand reputation, skills, and capital when evaluated with others. However, he warned that the enterprise needs will be impacted considerably by its big change associated with leadership. Its co founder and CEO Travis Kalanick resigned due to mounting pressures stemming from different corners.

It’s plunge into the given domain of Uber Freight app although won’t be that much established and spearheaded in the right direction as its previous successful venture related to ride-hailing, it is striving to provide a greater service than the one present currently.

Uber’s ventures into trucking signify that it is subject to intense vying among logistics brands, load boards, and other related apps as well.

Uber Freight going by its ride hailing equivalent provides the truck drivers to be associated with additional work depending on their preferences. They are sure to find a work which loads their trucks completely when returning home.

This has served the tasks which are to be carried out be more easy and revenue-generating as noted in the case of a truck driver from Dallas, Sam Carrillo whose business ventures have been augmented by the amazing Uber Freight app.

Thanks to the app, he does not have to wait for periods like months to be paid for services which he offers. Currently, he receives it hitch free in a week’s time without any additional charges imposed. The app has facilitated him to make additional two hundred to four hundred dollars for a given trip.

He further added that jobs are found out in a speedy fashion all with the manipulation of some buttons.

The need for brand new technology to be consumed in the related industry is intense as said by Ogren who was previously employed with Trucker Path, a navigational app which was an outstanding success for the truck drivers. He stated that the associated people are craving for tools to augment their prosperities to the next level and that such tools will be instantaneously bought once created.

Ogren stated that Uber desires to conspicuous from the crowd of brokers and load boards by offering speedy payments and effective user service. It has also strategized to promote pre arranged parking, offers for the fuels & the truck tires and permits to circumvent the aspect of weighing stations. Further, he noted that the app will be integrated with a feature which provides the truck drivers with the information regarding rest stops and truck stops serving them better.

The details regarding the user base of the app in the state and across the nation was kept hushed up; however, he noted that a previous party encompassed 100 users from Dallas comprising of drivers and fleet owners all the alike. The truck drivers’ queries could be answered and these offerings will be profound in the future so as to gain the trust factor of the users and that the dubiousness which will set in on them will vanish, indicating that Uber Freight is there to benefit them.

Such apps can please and enchant the younger generation as the prevailing truck drivers age and call it quits. All steps to make the trucking domain more fascinating are being carried out he added.

Approximately 137,300 people are active in the domain based on the latest statistics and that Texas comprised of nearly 10% of the countries transportation staff and personnel. The Dallas- Fort Worth area ranks third among the leading trailer drivers in the nation based on Site Selection Group.

The app effectively removes the trucking broker from the picture and it could also reduce the costing associated with small enterprises who are not interested in a long term contract or require extra pickups.

Uber’s passion for trucking in the past is evident where it acquired the self-driving truck brand Otto. The focus regarding the same is related to automatic cars and trucks.

The performance of Uber Freight and the related apps is being monitored by Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association as noted by its spokesperson Norita Taylor. The status regarding the app’s services for benefitting independent truck drivers will be noted she added and that Uber and the other establishment’s comprehension of lucrative potential in the trucking industry does not come as an astonishment she said.

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