Uber’s Status In Ottawa When Associated With A Few Years Back, Exactly A Year Back And Now At Present

Uber previously had carried out it’s functioning illegally in the city of Ottawa for a period of two years and then had been featured as the first ever verified and bona fide private transportation service provider in the capital of Canada.



Previously the Ottawa officials rolled out brand new guidelines related to vehicles for hire which has been noted as the first ever jurisdiction in the state of Ontario. It was aimed at making services like Uber comply with the city’s taxi rules, regulations and the laws passed.
The new rules emphasized that brands like Uber should be associated with a verified operating license permit to continue functioning in the city.



Uber Canada is noted as the first brand to follow the rules. The related private transportation company license then encompassed 1,528 vehicles as based on what the chief of the Bylaws and associated services of the city Roger Chapman had to say.



This served to roll out a huge number of vehicles which catering to Ottawa’s taxi industry although at that time it was not lucid regarding the number of Uber vehicles which were also licensed taxis.



The week before the rules were implemented, the city noted that it featured around 2,538 approved and licensed taxi drivers who provided the services.



Uber has been functioning without any checks with relation to the norms and standards ever since the month of October in 2014 where it has operated outside the law impacting the normal taxi services and domain with respect to the city.



Now it is exactly one year since the city’s bylaws permitted the ride-hailing giant to be licensed as a registered private transportation company in the city.



There were several arguments related to curtailing the ride-hailing giant which enlarged in intensity over the previous months paving way for the legislation


As noted earlier the brand had been functioning against the law for a period of two years before it was given the official confirmation to continue services, in a few days after the bylaw was implemented.


Featured now are more than 5 million trips made in the city by its associated 3,500 drivers.

Twitter was manipulated as the platform to respond whether Uber was cherished or hated by the Ottawa people. The responses have been mostly positive for the services of the ride-hailing giant.


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