Uber’s Response To Ola Play

Uber has finally decided to epitomize what its rival Ola has done. It has taken this step to augment its enterprise related prospects in India which is its biggest overseas market. Based on what people had to comment to Gadgets 360, after months since Ola debuted Ola Play, Uber has decided to roll out its own docutainment platform in a plethora of its cab echelons across the nation.

Uber initiated its experimentation on its ambitious infotainment system which is typically associated with an Android tablet which is comes packed with a plethora of offerings and services in the initial periods of this year. At present, there are proposals and stratagems from the ride hailing giant to integrate the tablet with most of its premium cabs which also encompasses the Uber X category and roll it out to select passengers in the latter half of this year.Reliable sources who preferred to remain anonymous indicated that Uber has stimulated a given set of drivers in New Delhi and select other cities to integrate tablets with High Definition Screen


This marks the very first venture strategized by Uber with respect to integrating a tablet with the cabs in any of the markets where its presence is felt. Uber at present has the feature Uber Trip Experiences rolled out in given markets where the riders can experience a plethora of services from their smartphone.

To quote an instance, in America, Uber provides the rider base with access to Pandora and Spotify Premium all from the Uber app. Apart from that, the passengers can avail Cupper, the service of which allows them to identify coffee shops in the vicinity of their destination and avail Washington Post during the ride.

Related to this, a source revealed that Uber has collaborated with Cabby Tabby firm from Pune. The tablet associated with it packs a plethora of features encompassing Hungama apps for music and video entertainment, Viral Fever app related to hilarious entertainment and Scoop Whoop app which features funny and novel shows. This was stated by Gadgets 360. However, the Pune based Cabby Tabby firm is not a devoted partner regarding the venture as stated by another source.

This system packs an assortment of features associated with guides related to the weather forecast, map locations, the best landmarks for exploration like parks, theatres, and malls with additional information related to the places. Also featured is an app to be up to date with the present status associated with flights. Another amazing feature is the Coupons feature which serves to act as a meager income generator for Uber. At present, the details behind the brands and establishments with which Uber has partnered with regarding this ambitious venture remains concealed and hushed up.

Based on an expert who rationalized and warranted regarding the venture to emulate Ola’s success he stated that Uber and Ola are involved in a race where at certain times the rival has to be emulated. Based on Jan Dawson, it is an instance of Uber trying to do something impressive in the market which will grow full fledged with regards to vying in some nations.To augment the ride prospects, Uber has noted its drivers to possess newspapers which can be provided for the riders if they wish to read it. This was based on what two drivers said when Uber elucidated the move.

Gadgets 360 noted from what a Uber spokesperson had to say that the brand is incessantly generating and experimenting with revolutionary and brand new proposals so as to augment the rider and driver experience tenfold. However contrastingly he stated that the brand is not venturing into strategies for infotainment systems to be a part of the cabs presently. He added that the brand has been launching and enhancing the features related to driver and rider apps ever since the brand began its business in the nation.

The fact whether Uber plans to integrate more services with the infotainment system before the official rollout of the system currently remains concealed and unanswered. Uber is not properly supplied with the firepower to compete with Ola Play service.

Ola Play has noted that in the initial periods of this month, it has been downloaded and integrated with more than 50,000 Prime Play cars across few select metropolises from India. It provides services like Apple Music, amusing videos from AIB, Eros Now and entertainment from BookMyShow apart from a range of other entertainment services as well.

Yet, as aforementioned Ola Play still outclasses Uber’s venture by allowing the rider to switch to a new radio channel, manipulate the audio settings and also an amazing feature where the air conditioner settings are all tweaked with a single click on the tablet as per what a source had to reveal.

Related to the subsequent months, Ola is strategizing itself to make the passengers order Popcorn in advance, insta-check in for a flight when the riders are currently approaching the airport and lots more. The fundamental architecture behind Ola Play can be availed by developers so that they can generate innovative proposals to enrich the worth related to the integrated and synced car platform.

Sanchit Gogia, a chief analyst at Greyhound was in praise of the ventures associated with both Uber and Ola but was not amazed by the method the brands are making use of the idea. He stated that the riders do already possess a smartphone or a tablet with a range of services which suits them. Taking the instance of Jet Airways, he stated how the company provides its passengers with a plethora of offers and services via the company’s app when the passengers are currently on the trip.He stated that the aforementioned company’s tactics were the right and efficient move. A lot of expenditure is associated with the tablets where it needs service, incessant updates and updating related to the content which has to take place every few days. The potential behind the idea could be affected he adds.

However, on the contrary, another analyst Dawson noted that the aspect of implementing tablets is the apt move associated with India where it is affected by instances of insufficient and poor data connection. He was in terms with the proposal that in developed countries the passenger’s smartphones are apt for the purposes.

He stated his opinion by letting know that the move by Uber and Ola is compatible and a neat suggestion for the markets which suffers from lagging and exorbitant internet connections where the user base does not possess the entertainment choices associated with the same. However, in advanced and stable markets, the user base would manipulate their smartphones for a good experience related to the same, he finished.

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