Uber’s proposal to make self driving cars comfortable from a healthy point of view

Featured that the situation arises where the user base does not have to be associated with driving their own cars, they have transformed into passengers featuring varied desires

Several brands having spent money in relation to providing autonomous experiences for the user base, now have to modify their goal related to satisfying the passive rider of a ride. Related to the same Uber has ventured a lot into this particular domain.

Based on what a patent has to say, the ride-hailing giant is venturing into preventing the aspect of motion sickness.

Motion sickness is associated when there are anomalies related to what the what the user observes and what the user feels. Motion sickness is typically associated with rollercoasters, playing VR games and also when the user is reading while in the vehicle.

The rider base is busy with other activities in the vehicles and this is detrimentally augmented with the jerks as associated with self driving cars making in-car sickness more frequent.

In regards to this Uber has developed what it calls the Sensory Simulation System, which will enthrall the body and take it off guard by generating movements in the car which appear to be in sync with what the passenger’s eyes perceive. This is done by amalgamating movement, light, and air.

Uber manipulates the information obtained from a given set of self -driving “eyes”. This data is used to adjust the air flow and modify the in-car lighting in order to emulate and imitate what is the environment outside the car and thus serves to circumvent the issue of motion sickness.

The venture which Uber has taken related to the same serves to be associated with self-driving cars very soon as per a deal with Volvo where 24,000 automated vehicles were purchased from the latter.

Brushing that aside, the people must not be carried away by the perception that this Sensory Simulation System will surely be integrated with Uber’s vehicles as seen that is just a patent. Car manufacturers will have to brainstorm from a different perspective regarding the experiences featured inside a self-driving car.

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