Uber’s New Policies To Make The Driver Base Happy

The ride hailing giant noted regarding the launch of some brand new norms and standards which will hopefully serve the established company by mitigating and decreasing the intensity of dispute and demur prevailing in its driver base. It is also an initiative to make it as an even more enthralling brand which pays importance to the needs of its employees and satiates them. Henceforth, the driver base will not be penalized related to issues which stem beyond their capabilities and the brand will offer remuneration for the drivers who are prepared to go the extra mile to serve the customer base.

The latest policies are related to the present campaign which Uber is taking up called “180 Days of Change”. This venture is done by Uber to distance itself from the controversies and issues which rocked the company and resulted in the CEO and Co-Founder Travis Kalanick to quit his position and role in the company amidst of mounting pressure from all sides. It wants the user base to stop remembering the turbulent periods associated with the brand in the form of an effective clean up dedicated to purge the controversies surrounding the brand and resume its effective operations catering to both the drivers and riders.

A principal modification, specifically for the drivers associated with Uber, is the new “ratings protection” stratagem. Henceforth drivers wont be impacted or affected by the rider’s rating related to scenarios and problems beyond the control of the drivers like costing and errors associated with the app. Additionally, the driver base can modify the tariff related to the rides without bringing Uber into the picture.

As a reward for handing over the items lost during the rides to the respective riders, Uber will start to give out 15$ per each good samaritan act they perform and carry out. As Uber noted, the driver base hands over a mean of 11 misplaced items every year which is equivalent to the time the drivers spend without obtaining money while on the road.

This new venture will surely be beneficial for the driver base which is an integral part of the brand worth of $68 billion. The associated drivers have raged about their criticism of the brand’s methodologies especially when it comes to payment. Come January, and Uber finally decided to pay $20 million for its drivers with respect to closing a long lasting Federal Trade Commission lawsuit. The Commission claimed that Uber cooked up wrong and fraudulent information related to the driver’s wages and also its vehicle financing program. Uber remained neutral and did not accept or deny any such practices as a part of it. However, with the grumbling and discontentment associated with the Uber drivers, it could impact the prospects of its enterprise in a negative way and will see advantage gained by its rivals in the vying market. Based on the analysis done by The RideShare Guy it is noted that Uber’s rival Lyft has seen a prospect where the drivers associated with the latter earn more income and are more content in relation to the former’s drivers.

Uber has ventured into launching monthly updates associated with its “Change” campaign. The other advantages in favor of the drivers include an anytime support line for the drivers through the app and the feature to plan in advance personal meetings related to factors like payment contrariety, fumbled up paperwork or any queries or hitched associated with the app. Uber also assured that it will fasten the process of reviews related to the licenses and the signup associated with the same.

Previously in the last month, the brand agreed and rolled out the driver tipping initiative, a move which was vehemently opposed by Uber in the past. This aspect of tipping was launched first in Seattle, Minneapolis, and Houston. It will soon be associated with all the bustling cities of the nation within the last days of this month.

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