Uber’s Food Delivery App

The brand which has established itself as one of the dominant ride-hailing giants has rolled out its food delivery app UberEATS in Delhi where Uber has associated and joined forces with a figure of over 300 restaurants located over there such as Chaayos, Pita Pit and the such. The app was initially rolled out in Mumbai in early May this year. The app was a smashing success among the citizens in Mumbai and the company is now venturing into all locations of the city to provide the best services as a whole for Mumbai.

Speaking at the launch, the executive of UberEATS India Mr. Bhavik Rathod noted that as a positive progress towards the worldwide expansion of the app, ventures were made to intensify the food industry along with the exclusive dishes and cuisines among the citizens in Delhi all with a single tap of a button. He added that UberEATS strives to provide what the user base wants to eat and when to eat all done in a jiffy. Speaking of its global presence, the app has partnered with over 45,000 hotels all across the populated continents of the world where it is making a powerful presence.


This UberEATS app should not be confused with the typical and popular Uber App which offers ride hailing services and the former is designed exclusively and only for food delivery. The app is present in both the dominating Mobile app platforms namely iOS and Android.
UberEATS is imbibed with an integrated artificial intelligence & machine learning where the user base will be provided with a plethora of customizable food suggestions related to the user’s diet and other desires. The users can now be able to sort the dish which they like related to the factors namely the local hotels, interactive search, and filterings done with respect to the cuisine, diets, cost and the time frame associated with delivery so that they can decide upon their food choices. Further, integrated is an advanced booking option, where the time frame lasts up to a week so that the user base can place food orders in ample time for any occasion in the future as noted by Faiz Abdulla who is one of the executives for the app in the Delhi region. Additionally, the app does not feature a minimal order rate and purchase can be done via PayTM. On a worldwide scale, the mean time to deliver the food is approximately 35 minutes as stated by Mr. Rathod. The app features round the clock user support and provides live status regarding the food orders.


This app had its humble beginnings in 2014 for the city of Los Angeles and then was rolled out in Toronto in the late end of 2015. It offers its services for over 27 nations and for 97 cities globally which from the aforementioned discussion encompasses India as well.