Uber’s Fast And Astronomical Growth In The Indian Nation

Uber’s latest statistics related to over all trips crossed the milestone of 6 billion trips globally ever since its inception on 2010. The ride-hailing service brand noted that the rapid rise in the number of rides contributed along with the augmentation of driver registrations related to its platform has consequently factored and catalyzed a mammoth double digit growth associated with the nation relating to the statistics which showed a growth rate of nearly 2.5 times year on year in June.

This has been termed as a huge milestone which the brand has achieved in the nation. Launched 4 years back, Uber has slowly gained momentum to be renowned as one of the most demanded ride hailing services in the nation. Presently it encompasses a figure of 4.5 lakh drivers and 5 million weekly active users. Amit Jain who is the President of Uber India and South Asia noted that Uber now features 1000 members working to boost the reputation of the company in India even further and that Uber services have spread to over 29 cities. As per the latest report, Uber has more than 4,50,000 driver partners who are associated with the brand.

Also noted was the ambitious proposal of Uber by name “UberSHAAN” with which the ride hailing service giant aims to create 1 million jobs by the next year factoring as micro-entrepreneurs. Uber also disclosed the statistics where there are only 18 vehicles in India for a user base of 1000 as evaluated with 797 from the United States.In the vying market, Uber establishes its dominating presence despite competency from rivals like Ola and is very much focused on creating effective stratagems so as to prosper in the highly competitive market.

Uber has also branched out into other domains with products encompassing uberMOTO for bike taxis, UberHIRE for outstation rides and the popular uberPOOL which is related to shared rides in the nation. It has also made further strides to augment its association with India by launching the first engineering center of Uber in Asia in Bengaluru. It has availed the services of over 100 professionals from the IT hub and Hyderabad as well. It has launched a center for excellence in the latter’s premise which encompasses nearly 400 employees. Their work is devoted to offering high quality, productive and reliable customer support for the rider base and the driver partners as well. It further features a committed incident response crew which aims and serves to tackle paramount scenarios and events.