Uber’s Determination For Launching Air-borne Taxi Services

2 days earlier, Uber’s Chief Product Officer Jeff Holden revealed at the Web Summit held in Lisbon that the next venture of Uber was into flying taxis.This could serve to distract the present state of the company with regards to this particular year. However, he was all fired up for the development of an air taxi business where the preliminary testings of the Uber Elevate scheme will be associated with the cities of Los Angeles, Dallas, and Dubai in approximately 3 years time which is 25 months from now.


Regarding this venture, Uber has collaborated with NASA and other aerospace-related brands. The pricing associated with this type of service was what that was in the focus of attention- Uber Elevate will offer rides via aircrafts comparable with the charges associated with an electronic Prius car.


This comes with challenges to be patched up soon. NASA was given the responsibility to develop an air traffic control system which does not encounter the normal aircraft rides and proves to safeguard from any mishaps. Launchpads search and automation with regards to the check-in are also some of the challenges.


More than the aforementioned obstacles the main one is related to developing an apt aircraft which was seen as a tough venture for the previous 25 years. The aircraft should take off similar to a helicopter and then resume its flight journey like an airplane where it is charged up with several electric engines.


This move taken by Uber to reach the skies is not that surprising. Related to transportation stratagems and machinations, it is the location featuring the urban areas which could promote progress related to urban mobility. However, the timeframe before it is done seems to be not feasible at all.


Irrespective of whether it is feasible or not, this move signifies to be a major one for Uber presently. And also seeing all the controversies with which it was embroiled and pressurized over the year, the venture taken by Uber serves to be proper and correct. In the event, Uber is very much content and confident about the economics associated, then taking the plunge into this new domain seems to be a clever move. By associating with NASA, real-estate developers and the brands related to aerospace technology, Uber will surely be benefitted a lot similar to the move taken by Tesla.


Although it is premature to give an opinion regarding the future status, Uber’s determination seems to be smart and it can soon be associated with aircraft rides in the year 2020.


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