UberEATS finally in Hyderabad

UberEATS is finally in Hyderabad, where it will surely compete with the other food delivery app rivals and make a considerable impact in the city’s food market. It is featured as the 7th city in India where Uber has rolled out is subsidiary. Bhavik Rathod the head of UberEATS India, noted that partnership was associated with more than 300 eateries in the city.

Speaking further, Rathod noted that the venture was to provide a convenient and smart way of eating all done with the click of a single button. The app aims to help people to be associated with finding delicious food from the collaboration associated with the restaurant partners, the latest sophisticated technology and the integration of Uber delivery complex as well.

UberEATS has been subject to rapid growth in the Indian nation, which is featured as one of the fastly growing markets associated with the Asia Pacific region as per what Jason Droege, a top-ranking personnel from UberEverything had to say. This subdivision ventures particularly into generating revolutionary enterprise proposals which serve to be lucrative.

Coming to the Indian nation, UberEATS was rolled out first in Mumbai, this May and within half a year timeframe it has become widespread in several cities like Delhi, Gurugram, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai and finally Hyderabad.

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