UberEATs and its plunge into the domain of virtual restaurants and eateries

UberEats has already been deemed as an effective way to make takeout meals, however, in several localities, the presence of a given variety of food dishes is not that easy to find. Presently Uber has officially announced that it will collaborate with eateries to cook dishes which are very much popular in a given locality and has considerable consumer demand. In addition, it aims to suggest smarter meals for the user base

Related to the query of “what should I have for dinner”, the next venture taken by UberEATs app serves to provide the user base with personalized recommendations based on previous orders and all the way to the given dishes which would be captivating for them. This serves effectively to be handy as seen the unlimited options which UberEATs provides. It currently has tied up with more than 80,000 eateries in over 200 cities on a global scale.

Although this partnership is factored with an astronomically huge number of restaurants, it still does not factor the distribution of a specific type of food dish in several localities. In the case of the user who desires to order a falafel or bulgogi might fail in the venture to get that dish as featured are no eateries in the locality which cook and supplies such dishes. To tackle this problem UberEATs is experimenting with ‘virtual restaurants’ where it serves to fill the void related to need by associating with local restaurants to appease the user base.

Assimilating the user data from the app, the UberEATs app can predict the need for a given type of dishes and food items cooked for a given locality. This data is shared by UberEATs with the eateries in the locality which can then contemplate starting a virtual restaurant feature in the event they prefer to do it or have the necessary components to carry out the venture. Featured at present are some eateries manipulating the proposal with a typical instance being Si-Pie which is a pizzeria based in Chicago and as a virtual restaurant, it also serves fried chicken under the operating name of Si’s Chicken Kitchen.

It is not Uber alone which is venturing into this domain as associated with the food delivery world. Previously, Uber’s and as a result, UberEAT’s rival GrubHub noted that it was venturing into the same by having invested $1 billion in Green Summit Group where it at present functions with nine unique virtual eateries all from a single real kitchen in the city of New York.