Uberdoo’s amazing Just Eat clone script

You must have surely known about the online food order and delivery service Just Eat. It takes up the middle ground associated with the separate food restaurants and the customer base. It has been integrated with a search option where the user can either schedule a pickup or food delivery right to their homes. If you want to create your own standalone version of a food ordering and delivery app similar to Just Eat, then make use of the Just Eat app clone script featured from Uberdoo. It serves effectively in ensuring that a hitch-free experience when it comes to ordering food and delivering it to your doorsteps. The Just Eat clone script also ensures that a clone app is developed where the search option is made very much refined and you can find your favorite restaurant associated with the app with that much ease and efficiency. The Just Eat clonecan be personalized such that it includes restaurants offering a wide variety of food items and menu serving to appease your taste buds and your cravings. Speaking again about the search option, the Just Eat clone script categorizes everything in a neat and orderly manner where the details related to the eatery, its location, the reviews and ratings of the same and the various offers which the restaurant is currently providing are furnished and delineated to amaze the user base further. Similar to Just Eat app, the user can make use of the code to generate reviews and ratings for the restaurant which serves effectively in increasing the brand recognition and promotes more visibility. The Just Eat clone app can be designed to integrate a feature where depending upon the locality, the user base can identify restaurants located in the vicinity and provides recommended suggestions. The source code offered is 100% customizable and you can develop the clone app as based on your needs and requirements. The product is currently under development and will be ready in a timespan of 1 month. If you want any specific customizations to be done, then contact the parent company Uberdoo for more!