UberDoo- Uber for Handyman

The situations are profound in a particular house where the water from the pipe could be leaking, a fan not working or the television needs to be serviced. The typical person won’t be an expert in handling these things and need the service of an external person to come and fix the problems associated. With our amazing Uber for X app – Uberdoo which is the Uber equivalent for Handymen services and with its limitless potential everything can be accounted for in a very small span of time.

Uberdoo incorporates several services like On-Demand Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter and any type of services which were previously time-consuming and took a toll to sort it out. Everything related to home services is done from a universal single all-encompassing app which is Uberdoo. We have the competitive edge over other such Uber for X on demand apps where the given Uber Clone Script on which the app functions can be used to set up your own on-demand business service with relative ease and thus in no time your business will be in great demand among users.

Uberdoo features an extremely rich and interactive interface which will serve in providing the best user experience. It is the ultimate home maintenance on demand app, free from hassles. We provide services for literally anything like pest control, painting, flooring, plumber services,carpenter electrical, security, house maintenance & cleaning services and the list goes on!. Our advanced features incorporated in the app along with a robust Uber clone script will pave way for a lot of excitement and amazement for you

The app features include instant auto fill of addresses which are made use to find the service person in the neighborhood for any type of handyman service and the booking is done quickly and that amazingly. It also includes a handy in-app navigation. We ensure that everything is covered with respect to providing you an effective on-demand handyman app which can be used to augment your business to the next scale and satiate your app user base completely.

We encompass a huge database of professionals who are ready to serve the user base in any field of maintenance and the Uber Clone script in the app effectively narrows down on the apt service personnel who will come and fix up the related issues in the house at any given time matching your preference. The service comes in affordable pre-set pricing, saving the user a lot of time to do research about the payment and pricing associated with the service and then bargaining and arguing once the work is done and it is time for payment.

The app also features a sophisticated profile related to the handyman and the client which they can use to track all the activities related to payment. In addition, it also provides insight about the previous services provided and services availed by the handyman and the client side respectively.

Payment can be made in anyways including secure transactions related to credit cards or handing over cash once the service is done. We ensure that the task related to which you are inept or not willing to do are done effectively.