Uber To Increase Its Fare For Longer Pickups

It is evident that drivers don’t prefer to wait patiently for the rider base to reach their car with prolonged delays. In regards to that, Uber is integrating and rolling out appealing features to ensure that they the drivers are made content and don’t have to grumble about delayed waiting times, the additional distance being traveled to make more than normal pickups or being associated with ride cancellation at the eleventh-hour. What this signifies is that henceforth, Uber riders will be levied with extra charges if they delay the wait time of the driver base by a considerable extent or if they live very much far away.


It is a typical case where the trip associated service provided by the driver base initiates well before the passenger enters the car. In addition several of the trips specifically those associated with suburban and far way locations don’t fit in well with the standard rates of providing the trip as based by Aaron Schildkrout who is an executive at Uber being its Head of Driver product. The associated expenditures and disbursements aim to tackle several of the prevailing issues which make the driver base to be vexed.


A particular set of the driver base has expressed to the ride-hailing service’s product team that the concept of long trips is a risky venture in the event the trip covers only a few blocks to be reached. Aaron noted that the driver base will be credited with extra money as related to the typical time and distance traveled especially when it is associated with a prolonged pickup. This comes as a bonus from the fixed rate. In the event, if the trip is associated with a 40-minute pickup, the chances of such a trip to occur is very much non-likely and it will be featured as a split up of 40 minutes as stated by Aaron.


According to Uber, the additional charges will be levied based on the time duration associated with the pickup and also the prevailing conditions. Typically, the Uber drivers will be credited with standard time and distance rates post 8 to 11 minutes of driving to pick up the rider. It also relates to the city where the service is being done. A notable instance as furnished by Uber was the additional charge of $5.77 related to a pick up which was 4 miles away and was associated with approximately 11 minutes of driving. Further, the passengers will also be enlightened and made aware of the long pickup charges which are based and calculated approximately. It will be displayed in the total fare they have to be paid as a calculated estimate. This signifies that the working logic of Uber will gauge the time frame as to how long it will take for the driver to reach the pickup location and the passenger will be charged accordingly.


Although it is likely that the riders will hesitate at hiked fares, Aaron noted that it circumvents the typical problem associated with availing rides in the suburbs when evaluated with those taken from a city. The move will prove effective for the driver base associated with longer trips and will credit them accordingly. Speaking from the passenger point of view, this indicates that they can avail a ride irrespective of where they are located.


Uber is also revamping its cancellation policy proving to be beneficial for both the rider base and the drivers as well. For instance, the passengers after getting a ride only to be refused from the driver can now pay a considerably less charge with regards to cancellation and in case of the drivers who have driven for a long distance related to a pickup which finally ends with the eleventh-hour cancellation will be compensated considerably even more.


The passengers will be levied with additional charges when they test the patience of the driver by making them wait for more than 2 minutes. This move was part of a trail featured the previous year implemented in the metropolises of New York City, Phoenix, and Dallas. The charges are subject to variation. Related to an instance as provided by Uber, a wait time associated with 3 minutes and 45 seconds will credit the driver $0.86 related to additional charges.


This move is the most recent one related to Uber’s “180 days of change” which serves to appease the driver base with the first venture being the tipping feature for the rider base along with drivers to interact with the riders through messaging and detailed delineation of reviews associated with poor ratings.

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