Uber, Montreal and the normal taxi drivers

The city of Montreal definitely needs Uber for ride-hailing services as the traditional taxi drivers are reportedly not serving the people with quality services.

Radio-Canada after analyzing the information obtained from the city’s taxi bureau revealed the overwhelming number of complaints from the residents of Montreal with respect to the way how taxi drivers are annoying them.

Ever since the year beginning uptil September, there was an influx of nearly 663 complaints. Most of the objections as per what Radio-Canada has to say, dealt with the driver’s attitude and a minority namely 6% posted their grievances related to how clean the driver’s vehicle was.

However, the silver lining associated with these complaints is that there was a considerable dip in the number of complaints when compared to the previous year where it was numbered at 800. It might seem that the taxi drivers have improved their services.

Yet 2 years back in 2015 the number of complaints numbered just at 485. The contrasting and stark difference with the statistics from the three years indicates that the methodology to identify if the taxi drivers are enhancing their services or not is not the best to be carried out.

As aforementioned, it is likely that the attitude of the drivers is what that is the real crux of the problem.

Various tests related to reviewing the rides were conducted last year and the main area which had to be changed for effectiveness was the “courtesy of drivers”. This was implied by what anonymous riders had to say.

Related to this, a Montreal taxi driver noted that the driver base was stretched out to work for more in return for very less pay. They were not happy with the current state of what they were experiencing.

Some of the major factors which irk the driver base are the presence of Uber and the frequent existence of construction and orange cones in the Montreal roads.

Although these are accepted and understood, the rider base must not face the wrath of the drivers just because the latter is frustrated with the current happenings and events taking place in the riding industry.

However, with Uber, the Montreal residents noted that they were set for a charming ride. If not, on the contrary, the driver will be credited with the disastrous one-star ratings.

Uber drivers by impulse and encouragement are polite with the rider base which is absent in the case of a normal taxi driver. Riders especially need this attitude to vanish.

Irrespective of the crisis between Uber and Quebec, it is recommended for the taxi drivers to be polite and well mannered with the customer base. This can be made feasible with the help of some reviewing methodologies targeted at the drivers.

Uber can call it quits if it wants to. However, the rating system must stay. If not the city’s taxi bureau should implement its own rating system. Even though the idea sounds odd, few stars credited to drivers will most likely result in making a taxi ride in the city a memorable and charming experience.