Uber Has Simplified The Rating Process In Its App

To have a look at the ratings which were generated for a Uber rider, it involved immersing deep into the app menus so as to retrieve the information. Also, it is ascertained that only those who were nudged to gauge their popularity and ratings would venture forward. Presently Uber is simplifying how the rating can be retrieved for the customers where stars are shown underneath their names in the main menu of the app.

Ratings of the customers previously was a tough venture where they were immersed deep inside the app and could be accessed only by requests. Uber has been encouraged to augment its visibility factor to promote even appeasing rider behavior. In a blog post, the brand mentioned that the Uber drivers are striving to provide secure and pleasing rides and that the riders have to reciprocate back in kindness for the driver base.

A major upheaval is subject to the rating system associated with the drivers resembling that of UberPool rides. Carpool trips are affordable and favored by the riders but on the contrary, with drivers, they are detested. Hence, the company is striving to ease and simplify the experience for the drivers.

Provided an UberPool rider does not provide 5-star rating for the ride, the app will display options seeking extra information all from a collection of preset reasons like bad rides, several pickups and the behavior of the other riders traveling along with them and the such. Related to the route or the attitude of a co-rider, both won’t be associated with the rating of the driver.

These features are associated with the other latest upheavals which Uber did like tweaking the methodology as to how it manages the criticism related to the drivers and other ventures. Uber has also revamped its norms related to particular actions which could cause a rider to be prohibited from availing the ride-hailing service.

Uber will definitely go a long way in satisfying what its user base requires be it the people availing a ride with the help of the app or the drivers who do their best to ensure a smooth and charming ride. Its presence will definitely grow further and it will brush aside all the controversies which are associated with it so that it can provide a better service for its users and emerge as one of the most powerful brands in a world wide scale.