Uber for X startups in recent years  what is lost and what is still on the table


To most of the industry and the business experts, the year 2014-2016 was the golden period to enter the market and seek funding as an Uber for X startup. This technical and the technological era would be noted for successful startups,  many Uber for X startups that were thriving in those years failed during the years following 2018. 2018 is considered as a year where the  Uber actually started to benefit customers and make their life better. 2018 is considered as the year where the on-demand services will be based upon skills required in a professional delivering the services.


  • Availability of the professional


There are three types of service professionals in the on-demand economy: specialists, generalists, and expert.  Uber for X startups today offers the best incentives to deal with the best local professionals to their side.


  • Scheduled vs Urgent requirements

On-demand apps don’t mean ‘now’. They mean ‘when I want to’. Uber for Transport is an exception. There are many ‘X’ services that a customer wants at a particular time in a day. 2018  is the year when startups sector has scheduled a lot many professional services.

  • Converting app downloaders to customers

With so many marketing tools available in 2018 to market an app, making people download the app won’t be such a complicated thing. As per the local reports, 24% of users abandoned an app after using it just one time

  • Not losing customers to competitors

Let me give you a worst-case scenario. In the famous and the trending city like New York, there would be at least 50 startups fighting for the food delivery space. All desperate to gain new customers and the attention of potential investors. They will go to any lengths to make more customers to sign up for the food delivery app. They will give unrealistic offers like 100% cashback. This will make your customers leave the app in favor of the new player. Uber for X startups should concentrate on gaining new customers but also keep them on the app with lucrative offers too