Uber Eat clone as one of the trending Food app


Food delivery apps aren’t new anymore but they are definitely impactful and money-making platforms to run a successful business. Entrepreneurs still stand a chance even though there are numerous on-demand food delivery apps like uber eats clone and make billions and getting funds in millions. To make your app lead the market, you need to know what is the current deficiency of the market and how to overcome it. Nowadays  It is not a big deal for customers to download another app if it satisfies them in various aspects of food delivery. So it all comes down to developing a sophisticated and engaging app with the latest features accompanied by a bug-free scrip in the Uber clone script. And that’s where you need us, for a refined, reliable and a rocking app that is relevant to the marketplace and target audience.

UberEats business model has proven itself to be a great success. Entrepreneurs are bound to try out the UberEats business model. The customer has accustomed to ordering food in apps. So customers can use your app and start creating a profile of their own in the UberEats like app. So with an inexpensive app like Uber clone app, you can also now own a mobile app with all the seamless experience for your customer. If the restaurant owner also has a logistics team to deliver the food without any third-party.


Features of UberEats clone app

  • Search by Category
  • God’s Eye View
  • Book and Cancel Appointments
  • Bill Estimation
  • Installation Of App
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Reports
  • Accept/ Reject Request
  • Verified Providers
  • Lifetime License
  • Responsive Web Panel
  • Profile Setup
  • OTP Verification





Search your favourite food what you’re craving for and order it without having to look through everything.



Mark your favourite items onto this page and find them easily to keep ordering it over and over again.


Schedule Appointment

Customers can book an appointment with the nearest Restaurant Vendor for any type of services required for the Customer anytime they need. They can also cancel the booking without any hassles.


Push Notifications

Customers who have booked the services of the Restaurant Vendor will receive details of the Restaurant Vendor and vice versa.


Payment Integration

You can choose to pay for integrated payment with your Debit or Credit cards that will be automatically deducted from your cards.



With Geolocation services, the Customer and the Restaurant Vendor can find each other on maps and their location with ease.


Search By Category

The Customer can choose an individual category by making extensive use of the formidable search engine and find out the local Restaurant Vendor for your service.



Installation Of App

The installation, upload, and configuration of the said app along with its database, services on Google Play Store and iOS AppStore will be done free of charge.


Advanced Reports

With advanced reports, you can check out where the areas that need more marketing to increase your commission. It also gives you a clear-cut idea of planning your business.



Verified Providers

Any service availed by you will have certified and verified providers by the company. Verified providers will assure the reliability of getting the service done.


OTP Verification

The service provider and the customer alike gets authenticated by our apps. An SMS notification containing the OTP will be sent to their registered number which in turn eliminates the fake users and requests.


Referral Earnings And Friends Invite

Customers can invite their friends to try out your service which in turn increases your customer base. Customers can earn a small percent referral with the number of friends they have invited.


Customer Support

Your app should contain Customer Support that will handle all types of services. Handle the requests and grievances alike using Customer Support and resolve any issue the customer raises.


Billing Administration

Allow your accounts team to have a separate panel for sorting out your financial details. You can choose to restrict them from accessing other sections.


Separate Dashboard For Restaurant Vendor


Email Notification

A proper Mail format that contains the details of the service such as the final bill breakdown, service provider’s details and such will be much appreciated by the customer.


Review And Ratings

Customers can place their ratings and reviews for the Restaurant Vendor they have committed for the request. Comments can also be placed on the said Restaurant Vendor. Higher rating Restaurant Vendor will be placed on the field first for customer convenience.


Whitelabel Solution

Our solution is entirely white-label to put whatever brand you want. Your users or providers will never know about UberEats.


The customer uses the app to place an order in a nearby or favourite restaurant. The restaurant prepares food for the customer and notifies nearby delivery provider to deliver the meal to the customer. This is the basic workflow of a food delivery process. UberEats is one of the initial players in the food delivery industry. Following their success, many others have followed their footsteps and have landed on creating some of the best apps in the market.