Uber Dominates Over Traditional Taxi Cabs In New York City With Respect To Rides Taken

The news which was due to be revealed for quite a while is now officially out. The ride-hailing giant Uber has surpassed the traditional yellow cabs with regards to mean daily ridership statistics. In the July of this year Uber featured a mean of 289,000 rides on a daily basis followed by the yellow cabs which could accumulate only 277,000 rides.


A contributing factor to this escalation and boost has been associated with Uber’s venture in the external boroughs of New York City. The focus is given especially on areas which feature scarcity with regards to the availability of public transport. At present, a figure of more than half of the rides associated with Uber is subject to inception from the regions outside Manhattan.


Typically Uber does not share its ridership statistics but in this case, some information was shared with New York Times. The data related to over 50 residential localities from Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens. These areas reported a surge in ridership. New York Times reported that a majority of the pickup was associated with the borough of Queens.


To furnish some information, in the St. Albans community located in Queens, the weekly rides augmented from 1,870 in August of last year to 6,370 at present. Related to the Flatlands neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn, the weekly rides enlarged from 3,598 the previous year to a massive 13,380 this year in the same timeframe as considering from previous August. All these 50 areas experimented, showed an overall increase in weekly rides from 56,271 last August to 167,194 in the present year.


In all these areas, featured is a scarcity of yellow cabs which the ride-hailing apps like Uber have exploited the opportunity to their advantage. However, the rise in ridership is not only associated with the rideshare drivers who make stops in the regions where there is an increased demand for transit services. Coming to Uber, it and its competitors have invested a lot in the boroughs. Recently, Uber called it quits to its driver support and recruitment establishment in Manhattan and has launched the centers in the other remaining boroughs.


Much to the delight of the people residing in the outer boroughs, they are featured with some free rides, carpooling costing $5 and also free pizzas in some cases as well.

Uber has become a savior for the driver base and specifically the immigrants who are not associated with high paying jobs. An analysis by Uber revealed that on a weekly basis around 2000 drivers were associated with Uber’s Bronx premises.

In addition to that, Uber and its competing rivals in the ride-sharing industry exploit the advantage of the huge number of vehicles. Normal taxis are confined to 13,587 vehicles. In the case of Uber, it features access to 61,000 black cars.

Even though Uber has been rocked by several lawsuits and controversial scandals, the rider base and the drivers appear to be unaffected by what is going on at the management level. They are pleased by the factor that there is major abundance related to the affordable modes of transportation where the public transportation had disappointed them by not serving effectively. The intense vying in the ride-hailing market between Uber and its chief rival Lyft has contributed further to the deterioration of the prospects of the traditional taxi/ yellow cabs.


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