Uber clone as an ideal script for on-demand applications


Uber clone is considered to be high and the creative script where one innovation provides private transport services on demand. This service is not limited to a single mode of transport but it has also expanded into different sectors of the vehicle industry. Uber has also established a strong synonymy with on-demand taxi services, and it has not only proved to be profitable but it also has proved to be scalable and as well as replicable. Uber clone presents a number of cities across the globe, and it operates based on a simple philosophy that the demand and supply need to be connected in the most efficient and impeccable way possible. Uber is present in 650 cities, and with more than 50000 of them in the world, it still leaves more than 49,000 cities across the globe where businesses and opportunities lie for local players and small businesses. The moment you open the application, you can see the cabs that are available at that point in time. This ensures that your services are in-line with the conditions of the present. Now at present, there are many Uber clone scripts, it is important to understand the philosophy and the methodology that goes into creating a real-time ride-hailing app. Now it is important to have the governing policies in place so that the technology acts more like a supplement for your idea. Even before jumping into the business of real-time ride-hailing apps like Uber, it is important to understand a few aspects of the business that follow outside the scope of technology. At the same time must also check and must also cross-verify that is there enough of an audience to download your application and use them? If any other business has already acquired this audience, how likely are you to replace the existing platform? What is the future? How long-term or short-term are your goals? Once you have convincing answers to these questions, you are pushed into the next step. It is important to offer a fair price for the taxi experience for the users and ensure that the pricing is transparent.  There are also drivers who are sitting in their cabs eagerly awaiting a ride but again they suffer the same limitation as to the users. When building an application like Uber, it is essential to know about the technologies that it uses to make the app work more efficiently. In general, server, mapping, and payment integrations are the three jumbos to create a well-functional taxi app. So, once you implement the right source, you can gradually attract more potential customers. technology stack Uber. But before that, you must know what exactly to choose when it comes to the technology stack. The most common programming languages that are used by Uber for the back-end developments are Node.js, Python, Java.

  1. GPS

For location and tracking facilities, Uber uses OpenStreetMap API, which is applicable for both iOS and as well as android. But few developers use Google Maps and Google Location Services API for Android applications and MapKit or CoreLocation framework for iOS devices.


Use payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree, mobile SDK to support all types of in-app payments.


Uber uses Google Firebase for Android and Apple Push for iOS phones to integrate push notification feature.


Uber’s Business Model

Generally, three primary elements comprise the Uber business model. Whether you create a new app or adopt a uber clone, you must ensure to have all these three.

Passenger-Facing Features


Uber provides professional service by appointing skillful drivers. It offers separate apps to drivers to manage their operations.


Passengers are also given a separate app to book and track the rides in real-time to feel relaxed. Users usually download and register in the app to get started.  Uber, in its passenger app, lists the details of the driver right from profile picture to contact numbers along with estimated fares to be paid.  Generally, the trip fare comprises travel time, waiting time, and distance cost. Also, riders are charged a penalty if he/she cancels the ride. This amount will be collected during their next trip. Uber follows numerous cab models for different services. Further, the pricing algorithm also changes accordingly. As an entrepreneur, you have to come up with a lot more strategies to increase your services among customers.

Essential Aspects Of the script

The app must have an intuitive user interface that helps users experience the app without much difficulty and in a way that they would instinctively navigate. The app must have enough data, competency and computing power to calculate the fare based on the selected route. In addition to these, there are a lot of features that are specific to writers, drivers, and the administrator. It is to be understood that any company that creates a business out of an Uber clone depends on the riders for their revenue and for retaining its driver-partners. Therefore, being transparent with the user is of vital importance.

Taxi App Customer Features

  1. Fare Calculation

Any cab booking service similar to Uber has often subject to criticism rising because of surge prices.  The fare calculator can help the customer know how much they would be paying based on some parameters like the source.

  1. Saved Locations

A little bit of customization is a lot of delight for the customer! Giving an option to save the common pick-up points and drop locations helps the users choose quickly and efficiently.

  1. Real-Time Ride Status

There are two aspects that make this feature mandatory. One of them is that there is always room for uncertainty which should be communicated in real-time to the person who is expecting your visit.

  1. Payments

One of the biggest banes of the traditional taxi industry was that it expected hard cash. While this might have been acceptable a couple of decades ago, today, we are completely dealing with digital forms of currenc

5. GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is the key feature that enables the functioning of the location-based real-time taxi-hailing applications. This helps riders as well as drivers to track locations with the utmost accuracy. This feature enables drivers to get notifications if they have a booking or if there is availability for them to take a ride.

Usually, to develop an application, you need  different services like

  • Design
  • App Development (both Native and iOS)
  • Backend development
  • Web development
  • Project management

To know more about the cost estimation, reach us today. We will automate a cost based on your requirements. It’s a transparency move to make you feel relaxed.


If all the aspects are taken into consideration, it might not be an exaggeration to say that your business will also find its success like how Uber did all across the globe. All you need to do is find out a perfect solution for the white label. The rest, as the people say, is not history but more about creating a new history for yourself and as well as for your company.

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