Uber as one of the safest Taxi Booking Application for the Corporate Employees


Many businesses are trying to leverage their share in this growing market by thrusting into ride-hailing services. Along with the increasing adoption of taxi booking applications, there is also an emergence of corporate taxi service in the industry recently. A few decades ago, there was quite a high dependence on privately-owned vehicles, since people struggled when they wanted to travel in odd hours. The same was in the case of corporate sectors that were concerned about their employees’ safety. But this scenario changed when taxi booking services like Uber and Ola were introduced. With attractive prices, convenient travel, secure and instant booking, these services became famous among people. Several other companies then started to create taxi apps which were mostly the replication of the original app like Uber clone. Uber clone script is the most popular and widespread rideshare service. It was the first contender in the market and has been working With brand recognition and a host of premium vehicle choices, they also give scope for the full-time and part-time drivers. Drivers are also attracted to Uber for its large user base. The rideshare industry is slowly outmatching taxi services with the number of active drivers, with no small part of that due to Uber. The demand for Uber clone app is the highest in cities, the Biggest advantage of Ola/Uber is that it’s convenient. open the app set the destination, book cab. So simple.

Advantages of uber clone

Point to Point travel

This type of travel provides convenience for employees, who travel long-distances or within the city at a peak hour.

Business trips

Employees who go on-site visits or an upcoming tour will be benefited from this service. It also helps them to travel anywhere, even for off-sites.

Employee pick up and drop service

To those employees who travel alone, this solution offers a daily commute facility through a fixed route or with a group of colleagues going in the same direction.

Events and Bulk booking

This service helps in managing group and bulk taxi bookings during celebrations, conferences, etc. Also, the service can be utilized for client and guest pickups in groups/bulk.

Low costs

Employees can pay only for the distance that they have traveled. With this flexible billing solution, employees can save up to thirty percent of their transportation cost compared to traditional means of transport.

Flexible billing

Try to offer various payment modes for your clients. This will be a flexible option for hassle-free payment procedures since employees can make use of mobile wallets as well as pay in cash.

Comfortable booking

This option allows easy booking, This enables the booking officer to book trips for employees as well as guests.


You can easily control the travel spends since the system tracks each ride of your employee and provides insights with an extensive report. So, you can review and optimize the business later.


Allows your customer to track the ride in real-time and in case of emergency, there will be an option to share the ride details with family and friends.

Verified drivers

Before hiring a driver, you must conduct a verification process. The driver will undergo a complete screening process like police verification and background check about personal and vehicle details.

Privacy of number

To ensure the safety of employees, mobile numbers will be masked on the driver’s application.

Emergency service

They even help clients with technical support free of cost. But as an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to analyze the needs and demands of people and craft the taxi dispatch system that suits the corporate network.

Wrapping up

Thorough market research and feedback from various employers can help you in enhancing the existing features of the Uber clone script, even more, higher and the next major thing to concentrate is to find the right developing partner like uber and the Uber clone script.