Uber and its association with Bondhu app

The ride-hailing service giant Uber in India noted that on Monday, it joined forces with the Kolkata police team with regards to contributing to citizen safety in the metropolis with the help of the former’s app. In detail, Uber provides instantaneous access to ‘Bondhu’ which serves to promote and augment the safety of the people living in the bustling metropolis.

Related to the same in a press release. Uber noted that the ‘Bondhu’ app will make its users sync up with the city’s police control room in the event of any dangers or unforeseen circumstances.

The collaboration marks the integration of the Bondhu app being conveniently accessible by the rider base and the driver partners of the ride-hailing company which operates in Kolkata.

Further revealed regarding the Bondhu app was that ever since its inception and rollout in the June of this year, it features approximately 40,000 users.

Mr. Vineet Goyal who is the Additional Commissioner of the Police force in the city noted that the Bondhu app has paved way for a revolutionary progress related to technology so as to safeguard the citizens during periods of emergency and crisis. He added that people can manipulate the app for any assistance with relative ease instead of directly accessing the law enforcement agency’s control room number.

Based on this Uber’s general manager for the Kolkata region Mr. Arpit Mundra noted that the association with the Bondhu app is a giant leap forward with respect to bolstering the safety of the ride-hailing giant’s user base and the driver partners.

The initial venture related to this by Uber will be focused on generating a permanent tie-up with the Bondhu app featured along with a link to download and install it from the app store. The subsequent phase will focus on permitting the user base to avail the Bondhu app when simultaneously manipulating the Uber app.

The final venture will focus on generating an Application Programme Interface to sync both the Bondhu app and the Uber app as based on credible reports.